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Jul 27, 2010 07:25 AM

poaching frozen salmon?

I have a ton of beautiful salmon in my freezer (the result of an Alaska fishing trip) but don't have a lot of experience cooking with frozen fish. If I want to poach some for tonight, do I need to thaw it first or can I just poach the frozen fillets? This site says I can poach it frozen, but I'm wondering if there's a taste difference.

Any suggestions?


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  1. I wouldn't cook it straight out of the freezer on purpose but if it's still a little cold in the middle when it comes time for dinner I wouldn't worry too much. Think about what this website is and who has designed it. It is clearly aimed at selling Alaskan seafood, not giving great cooking advice.

    Poaching is supposed to be a VERY gentle cooking process though so I would caution the instructions that say "simmer" especially for a piece of wild salmon.

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    1. re: Shaw Oliver

      Thank you -- exactly what I needed to know!

    2. When I am cooking fish that has been frozen, I do thaw it. Once thawed, I sprinkle a little salt on the fillets and let the fish rest on a paper towel to extract a bit of the water content. I am sure there is a reason that frozen fish comes out of the freezer with more moisture than when I put it in fresh, but I will leave that to someone else to explain.

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        The freezing process ruptures cell membranes, so the water is released when it thaws. Not to mention that frozen fish is usually dipped in water (sometimes salt water) before freezing to form a glaze over it.