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Jul 27, 2010 05:33 AM

Lunch in the Upper East

Can anyone recommend a great lunch place in the Upper East - I'll be strolling jetlagged up Fifth and Park Avenues from about 57th to 90th streets. Would be very happy to take away something from a deli (or the like) and eat it in Central Park.

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  1. Forgot to mention, I'm after something healthy, not too heavy and fairly inexpensive. Thanks

    1. it is a bit east but a lobster roll from lukes would probably do the trick.

      1. There are no reasonably priced restaurants on Park or Fifth. However, you might find something on Madison Avenue. There are several decent delis along the way...Viand in the 60's and between 78th and 79th. They're known for their fresh turkey sandwiches. On Madison near 78th is Ambroeus .... high class Italian but with gelato and some pastries up front. If you get up to 91st and Mad , Yura between 91 and 92 has yummy stuff. Try to avoid the 3 o'clock hour when all the nearby schools dismiss.

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          It's summer...schools are closed!

        2. Second Viand (simple, but you can't beat the qual and $$) and Luke's (the daily specials are especially price efficient--though you may want to stay there rather than go to the park); would definitely add Dean & Delucca's at 85th and Mad. ( may be too $$, but the quality and variety is v hard to beat. One block to the park. Please let us know what you decide and how it works out.

          1. Viand and Luke's are good suggestions, though the latter, while very good and very good value, may not be so great for take out. One other suggestion at 85th and Mad is Dean and Delucca; all sorts of healty options and definitely for take out. Not cheap, though.

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              Thanks, they all sound great. I'll be there in about a week, so will let you know what I decide!