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Jul 26, 2010 10:08 PM

Lunch ideas near Walt Disney Family museum

I'm heading out to the museum this weekend and i was wondering if someone could give me a couple of places to go for lunch? I'm open to any suggestions as along as it is not too expensive and casual.

Also, is there anything else around the area that you recommend doing? besides the exploratorium, de young, golden gate park.


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  1. Take a walk in the Presidio National Park, from Crissy Field to the Warming hut and back, or elsewhere. There's a park shuttle.

    The cafe at the museum isn't bad, but I've only had cupcakes there.

    Best options in driving distance are going out the Arguello gate to Clement Street (Le Soleil, Burma Super Star, Minh's and many other options) or out the Lombard Gate to Lombard/Union/Chestnut in the Marina.

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    1. re: Windy

      If you don't mind something as simple as a hot dog, then Let's Be Frank has a cart near the Warming Hut. There's also a cafe inside the Warming Hut itself, but I have no idea what their food is like. From there, you can hop over to Fort Point at the foot of the bridge, and/or hoof it up the stairway path toward the Golden Gate Bridge if you choose to.

      Warming Hut
      983 Marine Drive, San Francisco, CA

      Let's Be Frank
      3318 Steiner St, San Francisco, CA

    2. Within the Presidio is the Presidio Social Club. You could also exit on Presidio Ave and hang a left on Jackson to explore Fillmore Street at California, Out the Door and Elite Cafe are great.

      Fort Mason is nearby and the Renegade Craft Fair is there this weekend. Greens is in the same complex.

      Presidio Social Club
      563 Ruger St., San Francisco, CA 94129

      Out the Door
      845 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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      1. re: mlutsky

        Interesting to see that the Presidio Social Club is now open for lunch as well as weekend brunch.

        The Warming Hut is only ok. You would probably do just as well to eat at the museum cafe which, from what I've read has a limited salad/sandwich menu. It is a Wolfgang Puck operation and has been getting yanws from what I've read on the web.

        Pizzeria Avellino which is across the street from the Lombard Gate has had very favorable reports on Chowhound. It is much nearer than Chesnut or Union Street which have lots of restaurants.

        On my to try list is the hamburger at Presidio Bowling. It has had some favorable mentions on the web

        La Terrasse is nice, but I'm assuming a Walt Disney Museum trip means kids are involved. If so, see if the menu is something they would be interested in

        Hmmm ... La Terrasse has an early bird special now from 5-6, Sun-Thu. If you can pick any appetizers, entree or dessert on the menu, that would be a deal. The choice is a 2 course or a 3 course dinner.

        Hope you report back on what you choose. That will help others like yourself looking for a bite near the museum.

        1. re: rworange

          The Walt Disney Family Museum certainly allows children and I'm sure many must go. However, having been, I think it's really for older people who grew up during Walt Disney's early years who would understand and appreciate some of the displays and artifacts. It's quite an incredible collection and well displayed. We've put it on our "must do" list for friends who visit.

          1. re: rworange

            The reason to go to the Presidio bowling alley is bowling. Or fried stuff while bowling. Or the vending machines. But not the burgers.

            Warming Hut is lovely, but it's just juices and snacks like yogurt. They have great unfiltered apple juice.

            Warming Hut
            983 Marine Drive, San Francisco, CA

        2. La Terasse is just a few steps away from the museum and is wonderful lunch. If it's nice outside, they've got a nice patio with lots of seating. You won't even have to move your car.

          1. Delarosa is approx. half a mile away. I really enjoy dining there for lunch, it's a lot less hectic than at dinner.

            2175 Chestnut St, San Francisco, CA 94123

            1. There used to be a nice little cafe either in the same building as or next door to the SF Film Festival office. They had the most wonderful little cookies and were open limited hours for lunch.

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              1. re: chocolatetartguy

                Desiree was replaced by the Dish Cafe (not as good), closed on the weekend. I much prefer Acre, Dish's sister restaurant, also closed weekends.