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Jul 26, 2010 09:56 PM

Anchorage AK gift ideas

I'm new to the Anchorage area and will be heading home (lower 48) on vacation. Anyone have any recommendations on gifts? I'm thinking meat in a cooler as part of my checked bags...


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  1. Have you been to Indian Valley Meats? They sell all sorts of sausage and whatnot in the small shop next to the processing facility. Alaska Wild Berry Products also has a lot of stuff, although it's not as much fun to visit during tourist season.

    1. Not food but food related--I LOVE my ulu!

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        Oh yes. I loved my ulu until it collapsed from overuse.

        Cloudberry jam?

      2. Smoked salmon, or crab legs...


        1. The chocolate-covered wild berry jellies are divine... and VERY Alaskan. These are wonderful pectin-gelled berry gems -- milk or dark -- which are my all-time favorite! For being a confection, they are the least damaging to any diet and are far more substantial than you would imagine. And there are a few flavors you must try: high-bush cranberry and salmonberry. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful... You'll find the assortments in most gift shops, however, I like going to their home store in Homer where I can pick out the exact flavors I want...