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Jul 26, 2010 09:16 PM

Great food in Haifa and Golan

I will be traveling to Israel early August and, based on the previous posts here, believe I have a good set of recommendations for Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

I will also be heading north, to Haifa and the Golan, and am looking for additional suggestions for those areas. Prefer mid-range to budget places and I like all types of food. Any place to stop for a beer or glass of wine and a snack would also be great.


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  1. I'm not from Haifa, and I understand that the restaurant scene is far less "happening" than elsewhere. Haifa has a large Arab population, and there are some well-known hummus restaurants there. Abu Meron (Kibbutz Galuyot 1), misedet Faraj and misedet Abu Yosef (both on or off Paris square) are considered the best.

    On the other end of the spectrum, ma'ayan ha bira (the beer well) is a Haifa landmark, serving meat heavy central European type dishes. I've been there - the food is good, and it is a fun place. Address 4 Natanson St. It is near the Christian Arab neighborhood of Wadi Nisnas, so you can stroll there after lunch.

    The Golan Heights doesn't have much. Take your pick of the hummus restaurants in the handful of Druze villages up there. This link, from the food writer from Ha'aretz (in English), is probably as good as any food guide you'll find for the north of Israel:

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      Too bad I didn't join this forum earlier. The Golan Heights have a few good places to visit, and not just hummus places.

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        I disagree. Read my tips, othe r posts

      2. This reply will come too late for Rebecca305's trip, but maybe it could help another traveler. By a stroke of luck, we happened upon a wonderful Druze restaurant, Mt. Hermon Oriental Restaurant (חרמונית מסעדה מזרחית) in Buak’ata, Golan Heights for dinner. We wrote about it at the end of the post here:
        It was nothing fancy, but the salads and meats were fresh and delicious.
        In the post we also included a link to a Hebrew site that describes the restaurant.