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Jul 26, 2010 09:11 PM

what's good by burlingame state park in RI? also, fave breakfast in (or on the way to) newport?!

hello, my friend and i are heading up to the folk festival this wknd, and will be camping in burlingame saturday night. i am wondering what's good for an excellent, yet casual seafood dinner; i'm hoping there's a shack type place not too far from the campground. also, where should we stop for breakfast on the way to the festival? i'm sure everything will be packed, so we will be sure to leave early. btw, is aunt carrie's a must do, because i loves me some pie & indian pudding...thanks for your help!

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  1. Casual seafood close to Burlingame? Matunuck Oyster Bar, Matunuck Oyster Bar, Matunuck Oyster Bar. On Succotash Road, on the way to East Matunuck State Beach. A step up from a "shack type place" but very casual. Not sure what to answer for breakfast, as I have no idea where you're coming from.....Providence? Boston? New Haven? I'm not a fan of Aunt Carrie's so can't help you there. If I want chowder & clamcakes I go to Iggys. Champlins Seafood (now there's a shack!) in Galillee is good too.

    Aunt Carrie's Restaurant
    1240 Ocean Rd, Narragansett, RI 02882

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      I'll second your votes for Matunuck Oyster Bar, but will note for the OP's benefit that on a summer Saturday night he/she is likely to wait for quite some time. Even with the outdoor seating, the place is not large, and does not take reservations.

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        Good point G&T! Unocal, keep this in mind, but I'd plan ahead and wait it out, IMO it's worth it. And a lightbulb went off for me regarding want breakies between Burlingame & Newport, right? Consider Slice of Heaven bakery & cafe in Jamestown.

        Slice of Heaven
        32 Narragansett Ave, Jamestown, RI 02835

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          is wylies in middle river-narry-bonnet shores area still open??

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            For breakfast on the way to Festival, if you are driving there and parking at the Fort: Annies on Bellevue. Park accross the st in the parking lot. Or The Corner Cafe on Broadway. Or The Franklin Spa on Spring St just off Memorial Blvd (great Portugues sweat bread)

            Franklin Spa
            229 Spring St, Newport, RI 02840

    2. hey, thanks for the great responses all; i cant wait to check out some good ole fashioned new england seafood in RI! i'm hoping matunuck oyster bar is easy to find? anything i must order (i eat anything from the ocean, be it raw, fried, steamed, etc.)? @john, what is the difference between the 3 breakfast places you mentioned? i like homestyle breakfasts w/ excellent baked goods, waffles, etc. and if they combine fish w/ breakfast stuff, that's a huge +! thanks again...

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        Matunuck Oyster Bar is easy to find. It's on the right side of Succotash Road as you head south from Rte 1 toward East Matunuck State Beach. If you see Cap'n Jack's on your left, you've gone too far -- use Cap'n Jack's parking lot to turn around, but don't go inside.

        Eat the local stuff. They have a good selection of local (some *very* local) oysters; the clams are all local, as are the scallops.

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          Matunuck Oyster Bar is also an oyster farm, get some of their oysters raw. Lobster salad is great. I've liked everything I've had there. But definitely get there early. All the breakfast places mentioned are good, but Slice of Heaven has the advantage of being outside Newport, so parking is less of an issue (and they are a bakery).

          Slice of Heaven
          32 Narragansett Ave, Jamestown, RI 02835

        2. Slice of heaven in Jamestown across from the Narragansett Cafe - Best place for breakfast between CTown and Newport.

          This is probably too late, though.

          Listened to John Prine close down Saturday's concerts the boat tonight. Sunday should be great!