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Best store bought pickles

Simply put, i went to the doctor and found that i should go on a diet. It looks like sandwiches will be on the lunch menu for the foreseeable future. anyone recommend a great, store bought pickles?

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  1. if sodium is a concern at all, Rick's Picks Low-Sodium "The People's Pickles" are terrific, albeit quite pricey.

    if you don't care about sodium and you like sour pickles, Ba-Tampte and Bubbie's are the best store-bought options, IMO. i can't help you with half-sours as i'm not really a fan.

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        That's one great looking jar of half sours! TJ's carried half sours like that but they added it to their discontinued list with the rest of their good stuff.

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          Ba-Tampte half-sours can be excellent, as can Nathan's. But in either case, don't buy them unless they're still bright green and fresh-looking. Even the best go dull and soggy after too long in the jar.

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            I love the Ba-Tampte pickles dull green and limp. I put the jar into the fridge, let it sit for a few months and then eat them. They are really more sour than half- at that point.

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              Yes, I love them and I totally agree about only buying and eating them bright green.

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              I eat only Ba-Tempte Garlic Dills. Nothing else does it for me. But they can be difficult to find.

            3. Seconding Rick's picks and Ba-tampte. You might also check out Happy Girl pickles, which does unusual veggies in brine and they are outstanding (dilled carrots, anyone?)For bread-and-butter I like Mrs. Fanning's.

              1. Claussen Kosher Dill Pickles - in the refrigerator section.

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                  These have been my favorites lately, too. I've been eating them nearly every day!

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                    Claussen Half Sours are great as well.

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                      I had been buying Ba-Temple dills in the refrigerated section but decided to try the refrigerated Clausen dills. Glad I did. They are surprisingly very good. Crisp and flavorful.


                    2. I'm spoiled - I go straight to Gu's pickles for my half-sours. But I agree with the Ba'Tampte recommendations - but echo the warning about ensuring that they are bright green - otherwise they wind up more sour than half.

                      1. thanks for the recs! hopefully, i'll have some of these locally.

                          1. Gundelsheim Barrel Pickles are a really nice balance of sour and sweet. You can purchase them at select WalMarts. Gundelsheim also makes a nice sauerkraut if you're into that.

                            The Claussen Koshers were too heavy on the garlic for us, but if you like garlic you'll love them.

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                              Recently bought some Polish pickles, imported by Lowell Foods, at World Market. Not bad, but a bit sweeter than I like.

                              1. I like "Bubbies" in WA state. Very fresh!

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                                    I like wickles too but note they are sweet and spicy, not dill, sour, etc.

                                  2. Boar's Head brand Kosher dills are available in a lot of stores now, and I've enjoyed those.

                                    Oddly enough I've seen the Ba Tampte pickles in the store before, but never bought them - I wasn't aware they were good, and the packaging turned me off. I'll have to pick them up next time I buy groceries.

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                                      I don't think the BT packaging has changed one bit since I was a kid, mid century. It hasn't aged well, but those of us who grew up eating them have a reflexive "must buy, must eat" response to that tacky red and white label and lid, so it works the other way, too.

                                    2. I am a pickle fiend. However this is difficult in L.A. since the best pickles are from NY and Detroit, and am not a big fan of grocery store finds. However I have finally found heaven in a jar: McClure's pickles.
                                      I like a little crisp to my pickle, so that is why I am not a fan of Ba-Tampte. McClure's have amazing flavor and texture, albeit very pricey, $12 a jar. But if you feel like splurging on your gherkin here is the link so you can find where to buy in your area: http://www.mcclurespickles.com/


                                      1. I recently bought Guss' at Walmart in FL, of all places. I didn't even realize they were sold retail.

                                        Last time I had a Guss' pickle was straight from the store on Orchard, which closed and moved to Brooklyn.


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                                          Yes, they are popping up everywhere in the stores. I have a jar of Gus's spicy pickle circles in my fridge (Arlington, VA).

                                          Good stuff, and same for me, Orchard St was my previously most recent purchase, but from a Gus's street vendor.

                                        2. My favorite source is any local Jewish deli if you have one in your area. Also Wegmans makes great pickles.

                                          1. Ba- Tampte are great, as is their sauerkraut, but I love Boards Head Kosher Dill spears. Very garlicy

                                            1. Where does everyone find these Ba-Tempte pickles? I've never seen them but from this thread am dying to try them.

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                                                Cruise your supermarket's refrigerated dairy section, near the herring in cream sauce & the hummus. That's where the Ba-Tampte pickles hang out.

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                                                  Thanks for the recommendation, I always forget to look there. They didn't have them in my local Safeway but I found them at Wegmans. I grabbed the only jar left of whole pickles which happened to be the garlic dill and they are delicious! However, I also love the Wegmans deli pickles sold in the prepared foods section and so after a lovely weekend binge of more pickles than I will admit (I've always had a crazy obsession with pickles) I am a water balloon so it might be a while before I tap into the other varieties. If anyone lives near a Wegmans I highly recommend the prepared foods individually wrapped kosher deli pickles as well. They are incredibly similar to the traditional that I get at the local Jewish deli.

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                                                    Glad you found the Ba-Tamptes and liked them. I've had those Wegman's pickles, and they are indeed good. I make my own now - there's a very useful thread on Home Cooking with advice & methods, if you'd like to go that route:


                                                    Once you un-bloat, of course.

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                                                      I was planning to make my own but read so many hit and miss stories that I didn't want to risk it :) it'd be nice though as I'm sure homemade are quite tasty

                                              2. I'm partial to Nature's Kitchen cripsy dill-icious pickles. They're not as dill-forward as most dill pickles (which is usually too overpowering for me), but super-crunchy, garlicky and delicious. Really awesome brand!

                                                1. I like Famous Dave's spicy pickle chips. Basically bread & butter pickles with a tiny bit of heat. Good flavor though.

                                                  While we're talking pickles, are there any brands that use sugar rather than HFCS? All the brands I see in the local stores use HFCS.

                                                    1. Trader Joe's pickles (not the pre-cut ones, the ones from Germany) kick batempte out of the water.

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                                                          I'll look next time I'm there.
                                                          Whole Dill Pickles, I think.