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Jul 26, 2010 07:54 PM

Favorite East Bay CSA, as of July 2010?

My housing co-op is interested in subscribing to a CSA. Right now, we're giving Full Belly a 4-week trial (first shipment this Wednesday), but I'm a bit concerned because of this Yelp comment:

Is Full Belly still like this, in your experience? What are some other good CSAs in the area that might be worth a try? Affordability (no more than $25 per week), variety, and freshness are most important. (I've looked at some of the other Chowhound threads on this topic, but most of them are a few years old.)

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  1. I also like River Dog farms..they have exceptional veggies but you still must purchase their eggs from the markets. I also of course love Soul Food farms for chicken and eggs both available through their CSA.