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Question on restaurants in spokane with good crab pots?

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It's my wife's birthday and she LOVES CRAB BOILS!!!! Unfortunately, we live nowhere near seattle, and spokane's the biggest city around us.

I am wondering about recommendations of restaurants with great crab boils, or steam pots in spokane.


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  1. OOOOH, just saw the menu for the clickerdagger. It looks pretty good- any thoughts?

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      I would stay away from Clinkerdaggers. It's mysteriously popular, expensive, and not very chow-worthy. I haven't had a seafood pot at Scratch, but have eaten there several times and alway been pleased.

      West 621 Mallon Street, Spokane, WA 99201

    2. Been in spokane area for little over a year so havent got to check out too much stuff yet. I would assume Anthonys would be good for Seafood, I use to live in Everett, WA so if its the same they are always consistant. Ive been wanting to check out Scratch (CDA and Spokane Locations) I was just looking at thier menu for plans next week and they have a seafood pot on thier that looks good and I've heard nothing but good things about them from others in the food biz.