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Jul 26, 2010 06:09 PM

Where to buy bbq propane on the danforth

Hi there,

I'm hoping to get some help. Have just moved to the east end of the city, Danforth and Pape and am in need of a propane refill station.
Any suggestion?
Much appreciated!

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  1. Since the Sunrise explosion refills are rarer. The closest is the NEON on Queen E near Leslie. Then the Shell On Gerrard East of Vic Park or the Beaver at Vic Park and St. Clair.

    Most places seem to have gone over to the swap system.

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    1. re: bytepusher

      Canadian Tire at Danforth & Main does refills. Good luck!

      1. re: Deep Puddle

        I've never refilled at this particular location but the general experience with propane refills at other CTC locations always involves a wait while for the staff, sometimes very long waits, I'd rather drive a little further to a dedicated place.

        1. re: Deep Puddle

          I go to the Canadian Tire on Eglinton east of Pharmacy. I've never had to wait long -- pay at the automotive counter, walk back out to the fill station and there's someone there right away.
          A few years back they did refuse to fill a tank because it was old and the was no date/expiry/code on it to say otherwise. The tank was left for them to process.

          Also been to the HD at Gerrard Square. Getting the swap there always seemed to take long.

        2. re: bytepusher

          I would not recommend NEON - they charged me $28 for a refill! Next time I did a tank swap at Loblaws for $30.

          1. re: KitchenVoodoo

            How long ago did you pay $28 at NEON? That's where I have been buying propane, but I only buy once a year as it's only used to light the charcoal. I was there last in 2013 and I don't remember paying over $20

            1. re: foodyDudey

              I was there today and paid $28 for refilling my 8kg tank. I thought they ripped me off. Anyone know nearby place for a better price. My other option is converting to natural gas bbq. Thnx.

              1. re: MinMin

                Warden and Danforth was recommended to me by my neighbour - he estimated $17 - $20.

        3. You can always replace the propane tank at the Home Depot on Gerrard. The tanks they receive are recycled and refilled for someone else.

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          1. re: Kooper

            Possibly, many of the swap places now will not take a regular tank in exchange, they require that you trade in a swap tank with a label on it, in some cases it has to be the their label. It's kind of understandable as they can't reasonably be expected to keep accepting other people's 9 3/4 year old tanks and being stuck with the disposal. It used to be that they could change the valve and pressure reliever on a tank, pressure test it and put it back into service for another 10 years but apparently that is no longer the case. After 10 years it's hazardous waste.

          2. Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated!

            1. A 24 hr gas station at warden and Danforth has propane refill for $20