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Jul 26, 2010 06:06 PM

Molly Maguire's In Lansdale - Very Disappointing

Newly opened in Lansdale in a beautiful old building. Long and narrow they kept the uniqueness of the old building. Soon to open is their upstairs patio/bar which looks nice. OK there's the good news. Decided to eat lunch there with my son. Service was pretty bad and amatuerish. Menu has some traditional Irish fare including Fish & Chips (at an astonishing $14.95) and Shepherds Pie (at an equally asonishing $13.95). I felt like Indian food so I ordered the Chicken Curry Madras at $14.95, BIG mistake. It was bland and flavorless, which I think is hard to do with such a dish. My son's waffle fries nacho's ($9.95) were equally inept. Had a pint of Harp draft and was again astonished at the $6 pricetag. Do they know this is downtown Lansdale? OK the building probably cost a pretty penny to overhaul but in my book bad food that's way overpriced is not a good combination anywhere. And with the surprisingly limited taps for an Irish bar (the usual suspects of Hoe, Harp, Guinness, Stella, Blue Moon, Smithwicks, Frambois Lambic) at inflated prices, I doubt I'll be drinking there either. All in all, very disappointing.

Blue Moon Cafe
375 S Mount Vernon Ave Ste A, Uniontown, PA 15401

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  1. That's too bad that you had a bad experience there. I went with a companion the other night. I had the Lamb Stew, she had the Shepperd's Pie - both were absolutely delicious. And while our server was young, she was very good.

    The beer prices really didn't faze me, either. Lansdale has a long history of very undesirable people frequenting bars, then turning them (quickly) into trash bars. I suspect the owners do, indeed, know that they are in "downtown" Lansdale, and perhaps are using the higher prices to keep out the "riff-raff".

    Anyway, if you are looking for cheaper beer - you might want to try the Junction House or the 5th Street Pub. They may be more to your taste.

    1. As of the date you wrote this, the upstairs was already open, as was the patio, the bar on the patio might not be because of zoning issues and the railings on the deck.

      I'm not sure where you're used to eating, but $13.95 for dinner is not an astonishing amount. Everything we've had there so far has been really very good. the only "so so" menu item for me was the fish sandwich, but only because I thought the batter was a bit bland

      I agree with Chowchower, maybe you should try Panico's for wings and a bud
      ( no bud, coors light, etc on tap is a calculated and welcome move as far as I'm concerned. Keeps the chicanery that goes on in those other places OUT of Molly's!)

      1. I stop in on Thursday night (7/22)... Place looks great!! But I too felt the beers where a little over priced. I do agree that the other options in Lansdump, I mean Lansdale leave something to be desired and they need to keep the $1 draft trash out! At the same time, $6.50 Guinness and $6.00 Sam Adam's Summer draft's is a little out of line for Lansdale.

        Food was good, but again... overpriced for the portion size...

        Another thing I would like to see is some larger TV's upstairs AT the bar... I know this place is not a sports bar, but Lansdale need a nice place to watch a Phils game at is also open air... I will pay to still at a bar and drink $5 drafts and watch the game with my friends... Currently, you can't do that at Molly's...

        Also... I see they offer a happy hour in Phoenixville.... Hopefully thay do that in Lansdale...

        Hopefully this place will make it!!! This is a graeat change for Lansdale and hopefully will attach more businesses to dowtown Lansdale...

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        1. CGarner thanks for the great post. Molly Maguires really is not just competing for the local business but the business of people that work in the local employers.. the Mercks JnJs and other large businesses in the world. In many ways Mollys is competing with the Sumney for its business as much as the other businesses on main street. They have the ability to begin making "downtown" Lansdale a place for people to stop on their way home or for lunch. Their prices are not out of line with what Shanachie or other good irish pubs in the area are charging. And their food quality will improve, as the kitchen staff gets settled.

        2. I live two blocks away from Molly MaGuire's, so I've been eagerly awaiting the opening of this establishment ever since they started rehabbing the old building. My wife and I finally got the chance to stop in this evening for dinner and some drinks. I was keeping in mind some of the other reviews I had read on this website while we walked over to the restaurant.

          The building is gorgeous, they really did a nice job with it – very inviting, with shades of dark brown and maroons, warm lighting, and woodwork everywhere. But, that's pretty much all of the nice things I have to say about tonight's experience.

          We got there around 8:30pm, well after the dinner rush, and this was confirmed by the large number of empty tables present in the downstairs seating area. However, the hostess took about 10 minutes to seat us, citing “an inability to leave her station”. Finally, after seeing us waiting there amidst the empty tables, she decided it was slow enough to seat us upstairs, although there were plenty of tables available downstairs. She originally wanted to seat us at a table near the patio entrance, but I requested one closer to the upstairs bar, as it was so dark back near the patio entrance area that I doubt I would have been able to read the menu without additional lighting. She seemed annoyed at my request, but moved us without a problem.

          We sat there and perused the menu, and then we waited. And waited some more. Our server came by and stated that she didn't know if we were in her section or not, but would be able to take our drink orders. We ordered two Guinness, which were brought to us in prompt fashion. However, we waited another 10 minutes before our server came back to take our order, so in total, we waited about 20 minutes before putting in our order. My wife ordered shepherd's pie, and I ordered bangers and mash, at which time I was told they were out of mashed potatoes, but I could substitute french fries or sweet potato fries. I was really in the mood for bangers, so I decided to run with it and selected sweet potato fries. Then we waited. Our server came by once to see if we needed more drinks, at which time I asked for an update on our food order. After 35 minutes passed by, our food finally arrived. My fries and bangers were cold, although my wife's shepherd's pie was nice and hot. The next time our waitress stopped by our table, I was compelled to ask “Can you tell me why there wasn't enough mashed potatoes for my bangers and mash selection, but there was enough for my wife's shepherd's pie?” After standing there looking dumbfounded for a few seconds, she slunk away, presumably to find out an answer to my question.

          My wife's shepherd's pie was well seasoned and portioned nicely. My bangers were rather bland, and the sweet potato fries were cold and needed salt. Our server stopped by to tell me that the reason I didn't receive mashed potatoes was because “We were out of mashed potatoes when you initially ordered your entree, but during the time it took for you to receive your food, we got another shipment of mashed potatoes.” Um, excuse me? Did Fedex drop off another “shipment” of mashed potatoes while they were cooking up the sausages? Why was shepherd's pie allowed to be ordered, even though mashed potatoes are an essential ingredient in that dish as well? Granted, I had enough time while I was waiting for my food that I could have walked down to ACME, bought some potatoes, and made my own mashed potatoes to have with my bangers, but I digress. We finished our meal and waited for the check. Staying consistent with the theme of this review, we waited some more. Over 20 minutes passed before the server appeared and asked if we would like the check. After she brought it, I noticed there was an upcharge of $1.50 for the sweet potato fries. Really? I was told there would be no upcharge for the substitution, since mashed potatoes weren't available. She promptly took back the check and removed the charge. Shouldn't you, as a server, take a quick look at the check to make sure that not only is it the correct check for the table, but that the items listed are accurate as well?

          One side note, the service was slow all across the restaurant, it wasn't only our table and server. There was a group of four next to us that were fairly patient (much more patient that I would have been), but after having waited through 30 minutes and three quick fly-bys from their server who chimed in with a “I'll be right there” every time he passed their table, they gave up and went to order from the bartender, much to the chagrin of their server, who showed up at the moment one of the ladies went up to the bar with the menu. I'm not sure how long it took them to order from the bartender though, as he was pretty busy playing with his phone and getting phone numbers from the various ladies that were seated on the stools.

          All told, it was a rather disappointing experience. I know they just opened, and they are working out the kinks, so I'm definitely going to stop back again in a few weeks to see if the dinner service has improved. While I don't mind paying good money for good food, I will note that $45, including tip, for two entrees and two beers is a little steep for the area – I could find a decent meal in center city Philadelphia for a couple dollar more. While I am glad that other people have had positive experiences at the newly opened establishment, my first stop was rather slow and frustrating. Here's to hoping that my second visit will be more rewarding.

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          1. re: wubar

            Just to my point... $45 for two beers, Shepard's Pie (in some culture's this could be considered low grade dog food), and sausage with fries... Not a nice...

            For Lansdump, home of the dive bar and BYOB's, this may not hold up... Like "wubar" said... At that price you might as well go to Philly or even Doylestown.... or Ambler, West Chester.... The list goes on and on...

            1. re: cancerman76

              The original one in Phoenixville is always PACKED, the food and drink are OK, but they seem to be a little overpriced for pub fare.

              1. re: 94Bravo

                Not sure if you were trying to be facetious but, Junction House and Fifth Street pub are really not nice places bordering on not safe.

          2. There is another thread, "Molly Maguire's now open in Lansdale" where I posted this.
            Took my mom there for dinner Saturday and I thought it was very good. The hostess was very enthusiastic in detailing the history and features of the building. We were seated on the 2nd floor patio, which was very pleasant. Our server was attentive, but not hovering as one of the other posters experienced. I had the sirloin, which was delicious and very good fries (the veggies--grilled zucchini was just fair). Mom had the broiled scallops, which were delicious. The dessert tray looked great, but we were both too full to partake. It was a bit pricey (but then, we did have drinks and 2 of the more expensive entrees on the menu), but we agreed it was definitely worthy of a return trip.

            I think like all new restaurants, you need to give it a few weeks and 2 or 3 visits to really decide.