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Jul 26, 2010 05:33 PM

Any can't miss/must have dining in Hollywood?

The subject says it all. My wife is headed to Hollywood for a conference and would like to check out anything worthwhile in the local dining scene and at least one place that is more of a high end kind of place. I did a search of the board and didn't seem to come up with much help. Any help would be appreciated. She's staying at the Westin Diplomat on South Ocean Drive if there would be something a quick cab ride away from there. Thanks much.

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  1. Sadly, Hollywood is not a source of can't miss/must have dining options. You would be better off checking out options in Ft. Lauderdale to the north and North Dade to the south.

    1. I have to agree with pilches when they say that there aren't any can't miss/must have options. I will say that Sage Bistro and La Barraca are very good options if you don't want to travel outside of the hollywood area.

      La Barraca
      Hollywood, FL, Hollywood, FL

      Sage Bistro
      2000 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

      1. I usually stay in my home turf in Miami but happen to have tried both Sage and Barraca reasonably recently. Sage did some things well - their escargot were done in a classic garlic-parsley butter, and I liked the seafood stew in a tomato-saffron broth. Other items, not so much. Barraca I enjoyed quite a bit when we went there, about a year ago. On some nights they have live flamenco, which I frankly would normally not expect to be a big fan of, but it was actually pretty fun.

        I have heard good things about Lola's on Harrison but haven't been.

        On a semi-related note, does anyone know if the Orale Mexican restaurant on Hollywood Blvd. is related to the Orale taco wagon that's usually on 27th Avenue in Miami?

        Lola's on Harrison
        2032 Harrison Street, Hollywood, FL 33020

        Orale Mexican Restaurant
        2041 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, FL 33020

        1. Lola's

          Sushi Blues

          I live in Boca so I don't go there often, but the few times I've been were very good.

          Sushi Blues Cafe
          2009 Harrison St, Hollywood, FL 33020

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          1. re: OysterHo

            I agree that Lola's and Suschi Blues are good, but they're definitely not "can't miss/must have" dining options. I wish we had those in Hollywood!

            1. re: pilches

              That's true. I guess if you're going to stay in Hollywood only, then not much else to do but go to "really good" places.

              What about north miami beach, that's very close to the hotel?

              1. re: OysterHo

                It's not a "must have" but falling in the "really good" range is Timo. It's in Sunny Isles but it's only about a 3 mile drive straight down Collins.

                Timo Restaurant
                17624 Collins Avenue, Sunny Isles, FL 33160

          2. While I wouldn't call either "high end" there are two places that I like to recommend to out-of-towners. Both offer a taste of local or Caribbean food that they aren't likely to find in their hometowns and both would be a very short ride from the Diplomat. Sugar Reef on the Hollywood Broadwalk offers a unique taste of the Caribbean and Laura's Cuban Restaurant on Hollywood Boulevard has exceptional Cuban fare.



            I hope your wife has a pleasant stay!



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            1. re: LiveRock

              While it is a clean and nice place, I have to reply to characterizing Sugar Reef as Caribbean.....(having traveled to many, many islands as well as New Orleans, whose food they also feature).

              Nice-looking food, well-intentioned--good service staff (I am former rest. partner), well-sourced ingredients---but oh, so bland, the flavors. We really wanted to like dinner.....great location. But just so, so bland.

              Sugar Reef
              600 N Surf Rd, Hollywood, FL 33019