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Jul 26, 2010 04:43 PM

"Beach Pizza" . . . Tripoli & Christy's . . . please explain

Saw a Facebook Page "Beach Pizza" over 3000 fans. There are two famous places: Christy's & Tripoli Bakery both from MA/NH border. As far as I can tell they have very sweet tomato sauce, provolone cheese and thin crust and a lot of die hard fans. Can some one please explain what the hype is all about? Some people say they either like one place or the other but not both. And what is it with Newburyport and rectangular pizza . . . what's that all about?

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  1. You can also add Cristaldi's Pizza at the Seabrook and Salisbury line. The provolone is what you get when you ask for extra cheese. They are all thin crust, sweet sauce, tray pizza's. between Christy's and Tripoli, I go to who ever has the shortest line.

    I have no favorite but I'm sure they all have their following as they all have been there forever. They are all made fresh and it's a quick cheap snack if your in the mood for a slice or more.

    I'm not sure what place(s) you are refering to for Newburyport rectangular pizza. What's that all about?

    Cristaldi's Pizza
    443 State Route 286, Seabrook, NH 03874

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      Nick's Pizza of Newburyport has rectangular pizza. Is "Beach Pizza" rectangular?

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        Beach pizza is cooked in a rectangular pan but cut into squares.

        Nick's is similar to the beach pizza places mentioned.

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          I appreciate your input. The only time I've seen square pizza was in Providence, RI area, but that tends to be a thick crust, lots of tomato (not sweet), minimal cheese. I think these two styles are like cousins.

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            The best for me, and most unique to any sheet pan pizza which is cut into rectangular pieces is Napoli Pizza in Haverhill, MA.
            More thicker crust than beach pizza, and not as sweet a sauce. It comes with grated parmesan cheese but you can get it with mozerella.
            I can't get enough of this pizza.
            Might not be foir everyone but there is nothing like it around MA/NH that I have found.

            Napoli's Pizza
            146 White St, Haverhill, MA
            (978) 373-0049
            Takeout only.

    2. I prefer Sal's when I'm at Hampton Beach, their pizza is round.

      I think the hype has to do with having the munchies.

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        I've had Sal's at their new location in Somersworth. Not bad.

        You say "the munchies" as in a reaction to smoking cannabis or late night drinking? Is Hampton Beach a big party scene?

        1. re: bewley

          Think "Jersey Shore" of New England. I was a teenager in the 80s and we were there pretty much EVERY night all summer long, getting into all kinds of trouble! It's still gridlocked on summer nights, cruising The Strip.

      2. Beach Pizza & Bakery in Tewksbury (MA) makes the same pizza as Tripoli's. Good stuff. I recommend calling a head......their hours seem to change fequently.

        1899 Main Street
        Tewksbury, MA 01876-4753
        (978) 674-8450

        1. "Beach Pizza" is very specific to Salisbury Beach. The camp is pretty evenly divided between the 2 places that offer it. Tripolis serves the same pizza at their bakery in Lawrence Mass (along with amazing meat pie) and I believe the pizza actually started there. It is thin crust, sweet sauce w/ oregano and a sparse covering of mozzarella cheese. The provolone is an add on (you can also get American). This pizza is so popular that it is sold frozen in small bags at retail locations. I sell between 50-75 bags a week at my shop.
          The bottom line's all about nostalgia. Its just okay as far as "pizza" goes, but it invokes memories of going to the beach or going to the bakery in Lawrence.

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            Thank you purchaser1 for your explanation. It makes perfect sense.

          2. The original comment has been removed