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V-Slice or Straight blade mandoline

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I'm confused as to which of these would be "better"... I do realize it is somewhat relative to usage. It seems as though the more expensive models have the straight blade but I have read that they are not very good with softer foods. Do they offer other advantages?

Using Oxo as an example, their straight blade lists for $20 more than their V-slicer, while the V-slicer won their mandoline testing.

Anyone have any info on the relative pluses and minuses for the different types?


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  1. I would buy a V slicer. It works well on both hard and soft foods like you mentioned. At $20 less and the winner of a slicing test (who said they won? ATK?) why not go for it?

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      For most foods, the blade needs to be at an angle to get a nice clean slice. Not a big deal with stuff like potatoes, carrots and slaw, but it makes all the difference with softer things like tomatoes. The vee-slicer gives you a fairly steep angle while still being compact.

      1. re: MikeB3542

        Absolutely right and a better explanation than I gave. I guess it's the equivalent of hacking a vegetable with a knife (straight down) versus slicing through the item with that knife. So imagine placing a knife on a ripe tomato and pushing down - probably not a great result.

        1. re: Shaw Oliver

          Thus the slanted blade on guillotine....CHOP!

          1. re: MikeB3542

            Imagine the beta test with the guillotine before the blade was slanted. Thump and squish!

          2. re: Shaw Oliver

            depends on the knife. hehe

      2. I've had several of each, and the best I've ever had was an uber-cheap, orange plastic V-shaped mandoline. The blades were fixed into the frame, and you simply reversed the base to go from thick to thin. It was German-made, brought to me as a gift, but I'm sure it cost less than $20. My thinking is: If one slant is good, two (the "v") is better.

        1. I love my 'V" slicer - I use it at least weekly.