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Jul 26, 2010 03:36 PM

Garlick-y White Pizza- 'Jersey Style!

Anyone of a *certain age* who resided in central New Jersey (between Princeton and New Brunswick) may have also enjoyed an awesome white pizza who's recipe I am dying to recover today. When I was in grad school at Rutgers in the mid 80’s, my major professor would occasionally take the lab out for a celebratory white pizza at a simple Italian place called Theresa’s (I think). It was just a cheese and garlic orgy. And one you never wanted to end. We didn’t go often as the boss's wife would throw him out of the house after he also enjoyed the garlicky goodness- She claimed he oozed garlic from every pore. Now THAT’S a great pizza!

Anyone know of this place (probably long gone- all the good ones usually are!) and know how to re-create that white pizza? There was only cheese, olive oil, garlic, oregano and think crust…Nothing like grilled veggies or chicken on top. Just pure lactose!

Help me out with either your fond memories and the name of the place and/or a recipe!

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  1. Grew up in Highland Park....almost forgot abt. "white" pizza. If i recall, Filippo's in New Brunfus, Sciortinos in Highland Park, Desti's and zia Lisa in Edison all had really good versions of said zza. Can't help in recreating it as I was just a stoned and drunk young pup (as opposed to the stoned and drunk grizzled old mongrel I am now...). It was NOT a pizza bianca w/ a foccacia like crust, but a regular, tossed, round, thin pizza. I don't remember it being overwhelmingly garlicky, but there was certainly garlic. A pizza with more than 2-3 toppings is not a real pizza in my book. Damn, now I'm Jonesing for a Jersey pizza.... adam

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      I hear you. Stuck up in Canada with arty fartsy ham and pineapple ( very budget) to white truffle and spring lamb on buckwheat flax seed rounds( GAWD- so presumptuous!). Give me a Federici's thin crust pizza( Freehold NJ) anyday.

      Can you find a recipe for any of them? I think the diff. is the NJ mozza which is whole milk- not those rubbery part skim blobs we get here or it's the flour used in the crust....

      Having a sib in new bruns bring a 'zza on the plane this Oct.!

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        @mara, Ooohh, all his seatmates will be salivating, unless he's putting it in his checked luggage!! I'm in the Bay Area and, while there is some very good pizza here, esp. the places that are doing "NY" or neapolitan style, there's lots of pizza attrocities and trainwrecks, too. I always ask my east coast visitors to bring drakes cakes or bagels; never thought abt. requesting a zza... hmmm? next time... adam

    2. I lived in Piscataway and my Dad taught at Rutgers, Cook College.I remember Theresa's and their white pizza. It was to die for. I have no idea what they did to it, and have not been able to duplicate it at home. Hope someone else knows the recipe.
      Our son was in Navy in Hawaii and craving good Jersey pizza, and didn't he find a great pizza place......owned by 2 fellows from Pt Pleasant. It quickly became a haven for Navy guys from Jersey who needed a good pizza fix. It's a small world.

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        Hilarious- thats where I did my undergrad and grad work- Cook College- Was your pop there between '79 to '86? Is Theresa's still around? Got an address? They MIGHT give some clues....
        I do the "7 basic food groups of Freehold" when I visit: Sorrento's Subs, Entemann's crumb cake, Federicci's pizza, Dunkin Donuts, ANY eggplant parm made locally,salt bagels, 'Jersey corn on the cob. We also try to squeeze in a visit to The Parker House (Sea Girt) on Tuesdays for the lobster dinner complete with gin & tonics on the outside deck . Then I head north of the 49th home to diet and run 100 kilometers/week til the pounds melt away.

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          Stop, you're making me homesick!

          (grew up in Colts Neck, next town over from Freehold)

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            Yeah I know Colts pretty well- used to stop by Delicious Orchards ( or as we fondly called it "D.O.") for their cider donuts and pies. Used to send my Nana the donuts via the internet for various holidays when I couldnt make it back east. Had a boyfriend from around there too. Or was it Homdel?

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              Yep, good ol' DO. My aunt was produce manager there for a lot of years. I'm going up for a visit at the end of September and will also do the food tour, although mine will include Max's hot dogs!

      2. White pizza's pretty common in central New Jersey. There was a pizza place in Eatontown, though ... OMG, mozzarella and ricotta and garlic, it was fantastic. I worked near it and we had white pizza for lunch pretty much every day.

        1. Ok, I'm *seriously* jonesing for some Jersey/Phila area food.....I'm sure most of the places I remember are long gone but the memories live on. One stands out though....white pizza!

          I had my favorite white pizza at Julio's in Levittown, PA. It was a medium thin crust and was nothing more than good olive oil, sliced garlic in abundance, some sea salt (pretty sure of it...nice crunchy crystals) and soft mozz. All perfectly cooked to a crunchy, oozy pie. Maybe a little sprinkling of oregano over the top to finish but it was a pretty pristine za. Same place had awesome panzerotti, but I digress. The white pizza was amazing.

          Last time I ate it was some time in 1986. I'd give my eye teeth for one. My son was 4 at the time and HE remembers it (with a tiny bit of prompting.....he remembers the panzerotti fondly).

          ETA: I think you could easily replicate the pie but best of luck replicating the crust. There's something in the water that makes it IMPOSSIBLE to replicate outside the eastern sea board. *sigh* I know....I've tried.