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Jul 26, 2010 03:33 PM

really great omakase sushi in the boroughs? where?


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  1. Answer is not really. Stick with Manhattan.

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    1. Although I would say Taro is pretty good (and not Manhattan prices).

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      1. re: jdf

        we were underwhelmed by Taro's omakase, though the price was certainly right. It was a regular old weekday. The board has only good things to say, is it worth another shot? Anything special to order, code word or something? :D

        1. re: cazique

          Have gone a few times. No special order. But, we do go on Friday or Saturday when they get their shipment from the Tsukiji fish market. Thus, they have the biggest and freshest selections those days.

          1. re: jdf

            FYI Taro seems to be in the process of moving up to the space at the SE corner of St. Marks Ave and Flatbush (former Dunkin Donuts), next to the Farm/Barn. Dont know when.

      2. maybe in Long Island you can get it. I haven't had luck here.