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Jul 26, 2010 03:16 PM

Best Crab Cakes in FTW?

Hello ladies and gents,

My significant other is basically drooling over the thought of some great crab cakes, especially without a ton of filler. I grew up in the Rockies, and am more akin to steaks than seafood. Anyway - could you please offer up some great crab cake for us to try?


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  1. I don't know about cowtown, but in Addison Kenny's grill has an awesome crab cake. Made with very little filler and premium grade crab.

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    1. re: irodguy

      I've had that, and much prefer Houston's crab cake (though overall I much prefer Kenny's as a restaurant). At Kenny's, the open-face steak sandwich is fabulous--I get it with smoked gouda. I do not know how Houston's gets their crab cake to stay together (and it doesn't always)--there is no filler.

      Not sure where to get a great crab cake in FW ... but Zeke's is the place for fried shrimp.

    2. Cool River Cafe in Irving!
      Not cheap but boy are they great!

      Cool River Cafe
      1045 Hidden Ridge, Irving, TX 75038

      1. Might try to swing by one of those places, but still looking for something a little closer to home... Thanks for the suggestions - keep 'em comin'!

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          I suspect you can have them close, or you can have them good ;) Will report back if I happen across anything in FW.

        2. "FTW' request.

          I would imagine that any of the local restaurants in Ft Walton Beach would have wonderful crab cakes!

          Sorry COinTX..... couldn't help myself. I grew up on the gulf coast and lived in Annapolis for a short time. After experiencing disappointment and disappointment in landlocked D/FW, I really don't try much for seafood anymore. The one exception on crab cakes was years ago at III Forks. But since Gene Street has entered the management team, wouldn't trust them to be the same. I KNOW that the ones at sister restaurant, Silver Fox, are NOT.

          Silver Fox
          1651 S University Dr, Fort Worth, TX 76107

          III Forks
          17776 Dallas Parkway, Dallas, TX 75287

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          1. re: CocoaNut

            Hahahahah... I appreciate all suggestions. Maybe one of these days we'll happen across one.

            1. re: COinTX

              Finding unpastuerized real back fin blue crab meat is becoming impossible. Most of the food service crab meat is imported from Viet-Nam or China and has to be pastuerized then frozen. Doing this seems to remove all the naturally sweet flovor of the meat. The imported stuff looks nice but no taste.

              1. re: ospreycove

                Central Market has lump blue crab now for 10 buck a lb. I'm making my own

                1. re: fishfry

                  Hmmmm.... good to know. Will probably have to get some. How do you make your crabcakes - assuming you use no true filler (crackers/breadcrumbs), do you use egg or a bit of flour?

          2. I have plans for Truluck's tomorrow so was perusing their menu. Found that they have (super lump) crab cakes as an app. I did a quick google to see what people are saying and it was all very good. Unfortunately, for a review to be worthwhile (for me), the reviewer needs to say "why" or "why not" something is good.... or bad.

            So for what that's worth. At the Southlake location, Harkin's theater is down the block if you want to do a "date night"!

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              Trulucks: Had the crabcake app and was pleased. Though containing some amount of binding (finely crushed Panko bread crumbs ), it was loose in construct and composed of a respectable amount of large lump crab meat. It was not heavily seasoned at all, letting the light sweetness of the crab stand out. "IT" (only one on the app) was much thinnner that what I'm used to - only about 1/2", maybe 3/4", but as it turns out, this ended up being the best part of my meal. It is served atop a pool of homemade tarter sauce (thin) with standout flavors of lemon and shallot.

              Pan seared rainbow trout Ponchartrain was, believe it or not, bland. There was some heat from the sauce, but sadly, no rich Creole flavoring that I would expect. The trout was large and well cooked, but very under seasoned (missing salt).

              My friend's TX redfish was also well cooked with good flavor, but her Oscar (bearnaise) sauce was equally bland. Each sauce was an add'l $7.00, so that was a waste of $14.

              I asked if they would do an entree with the crab cake and the answer , not surprisingly, was "yes".

              If you look at any of the menus online, forget it - they've recently changed the menu and it is considerably different. My 2 preferred choices of gulf red snapper and flounder have both been deleted. :(