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Jul 26, 2010 03:00 PM

Agriturismo in Piedmont?

I'll be in Turin with three friends in late October for Slow Food's Terra Madre conference, and we have a few days to travel beforehand. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a nice agriturismo in Piedmont, maybe in the Langhe?

We're grad students and thus on a budget, so are looking for authenticity and good food but not luxury. We don't need a place with a swimming pool, tv, internet, etc. Ideal would be simple accomodations (and thus inexpensive!) with good, traditional food. We'd love somewhere that is a working farm first and an inn second.

Last year, I stayed at Agriturismo Serafina on the Amalfi coast and it was wonderful - 50 euro per day for room plus breakfast and dinner; the place was operated by a family that had farmed the land for six generations, and everything we were served - meat, oil, wine, fruit, vegetables - was grown or produced on the premises.

So, any recommendations?

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  1. Consider Cascina Rosengana:

    There's a meal description with photos here:

    Half board is 55 Euro per person (two people sharing a room).

    1. You might try Casa Scaparone, 5km outside Alba. It describes itself as "producing the prestigious wines of the Alba region, cheeses, fruits and conserves, and featuring cattle, pig and poultry farming. A huge organic-dynamic market-garden. The fifteen hectares of land are farmed exclusively by the owners of the farmstead and restaurant."

      You might want to turn down the sound on your computer before clicking the link. (The webpage has a soundtrack. You can get an English version of the page from the menu at the top, and click on WELCOME to read a description of the place.


      It's easier to find Casa Scaparone's prices on this site. They appear to be in your budget, but only e-mail will tell:


      Here are Tripadvisor reviews


      You don't say whether you are traveling by car. Without a car, your choices are much more limited. The place Zerlina offered is most likely within public transportation routes. The one I offered might need a taxi ride from the Alba train station, cost unknown.

      1. I had dinner here but did not stay. Located in an enchanting village, the food is excellent and the rooms fit your budget; mentioned in the SlowFood guide.


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