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Jul 26, 2010 02:35 PM

Bay Area Chowhounds looking for good gruc near PDX

My partner and I are going to be in Portland for the better part of this week, overseeing some manufacturing. For a variety of reasons, we ended up at a hotel near the airport, rather than downtown, which was our choice.

We would still like to dine and drink well to offset our rather intense days! Do Portland Chowhounds have some good recommendations of restaurants/bars/cafes near the airport (we're staying at the Radisson Airport Hotel), or between the airport and SE Foster Road (which is where our manufacturing facility is)?

Many thanks in advance for recommendations. We love all food and many types of ambience - ethnic holes in the wall and divey bars included.

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  1. Near the airport? Not much there.

    Close to your worksite:
    Ha-VL - from scratch viet soups. Note their hours...

    1. One of the better options closer to the airport is Country Cat:

      I have also had a nice happy hour drinks/munchies kind of meal at the Observatory on the next block (8115 SE Stark ).

      Where out on SE Foster??

      Good beer selection and great burgers and some great non-bar-food choices (grilled squid salad!) at the Slingshot (it looks divey from the outside, but it really isn't on the inside) - it's where SE Foster and Center and 56th intersect. And across from there is Foster Burger, a fancier dive burger joint with tasty fare and great salads:

      1. Taqeria urapans is on Foster. They are grungy but awesome.

        1. Can't recommend anything near PDX Airport, but since you're going to be essentially in SE Portland, I'd recommend you go the 50 (short) blocks south to the Hawthorne District (on Hawthorne St. (Ave?) Also down Division about the same number of blocks is this Pok Pok Thai place that is raved about. At 41st and Division is a really good bistro/cafe/bar -- Sckavone's.

          Nearer to the Airport, down Sandy Boulevard is The Rheinlander, which is a long-standing German restaurant.

          In any case, the streets of Portland are easier to navigate than the Streets of San Francisco, so anything in SE Portland is not really that far or long away.

          Pok Pok
          3226 SE Division St, Portland, OR

          4100 SE Division St, Portland, OR 97202