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Jul 26, 2010 02:30 PM

North Fork

I plan on going to the North Fork for a day trip.
I'm looking for a place for lunch. We love seafood and prefer a fairly casual place.
We would consider a great take out place, a "shack" or restaurant.
Any ideas?
We will be there during the week.

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    1. We usually stop at Orient by the Sea, right next to the ferry. Great water view with a sea faring type clientele to put you in the mood. Also Soundview on Sound Ave is fine, and has a great lunch special. Again with the view. Both have decent food, nothing fancy but fresh as can be.

      1. Legends is a good spot in New Suffolk.

        1. Thanks for the suggestions. I checked out their websites.
          It's exactly what we're looking for.
          On the way home, we'll stop by Braun's and pick up some fish to grill when we get home.
          Has anyone ever bought oysters there?

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          1. re: cmk2008

            We have bought oysters at Braun's, but I think that they might be out of season right now. We have also bought the most amazing Peconic Bay scallops in the fall, but they sometimes have them frozen as well.

            1. re: roxlet

              Braun's oysters are great, but they will be bland this time of year.