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Jul 26, 2010 02:15 PM

Cook's Illustrated - English or French Equivallent

Does anyone know of a comparable magazine to Cook's Illustrated that is published in England or France. I love Cook's Illustrated but I am looking for something similar with different influences. I would like some cooking techniques, recipes and reviews that ventures away from the classic American fare.

Thanks for the help,

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  1. A Google search returned this entry:

    Great British Food

    1. I've no idea what Cook's Illustrated is like but the only magazine we subscribe to (and really find useful) is BBC Good Food.

      Good balance of recipes from TV programmes, staff contributors and celeb chefs as well as more general articles about seasonal produce, techniques and the like. Published monthly.

      Bear in mind it is a UK publication, not specificially just English.

      If you are wanting something specifically English this one might suit. It concentrates on food from south west England and, to some extent, South Wales. I do currently receive it (as I accidentally signed up for it) but I find it a bit too regional in its restaurant reviews to be really helpful.

      1. You might want to peruse some of the titles here:

        I found this using keywords journeaux, cuisine, francaise in Dogpile, so there may be better ones.