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Jul 26, 2010 12:42 PM

Iowa city bakeries

looking for an anniversary cake, like a mini-wedding cake, for my inlaws 40th. I'm from CA so don't know where to start--basically want the BEST tasting cake Iowa city has!

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  1. Deluxe on Summit St did a fabulous job on our wedding cake but this is a data point that is six years old.

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      I haven't had wedding cake from them, but all cakes and pastries I've had from them were great (esp carrot cake). I don't think they can be topped. New Pioneer Coop is pretty good. The other options I can think of are The Breadgarden which is fine, but not great IMO and Yummy - which seem frosting centric.

      New Pioneer
      Iowa City, IA, Iowa City, IA

    2. I've ordered many occasion cakes in Iowa City, and basically if you want something that looks beautiful, but taste is just okay, then Deluxe bakery is the place to go. If instead you would prefer the cake to taste good, but just look okay, then Yummy's gourmet cakes are fabulous tasting, but don't look nearly as elegant.

      The difference is Yummy's does not use any fondant on the cake, so it's all cream and butter, and therefore much less artistic looking. Deluxe uses beautiful fondant, and the cakes look amazing, but they really don't taste all that good.

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        Things may have changed but we had ours with no fondant from deluxe and it was delicious. May have been a special request?

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          I have had nothing but fantastically delicious cakes from Deluxe, fondant or no. Gherkins, I'm afraid you might've just had a bum cake

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          I've never had cake from Deluxe but I've eaten many from Yummy's and they'll all been delicious.

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            are yummy's cakes on the very, very rich side? I prefer lighter cakes...

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            DeLuxe only uses fondant on wedding cakes per request, I called and asked because I HATE fondant. Otherwise its a swiss buttercream or french..not sure on that. Or they use a ganache. Everything I have had from Deluxe is awesome and its to my understanding Yummys uses cake mixes, not from scratch.
            There is no other place in town that does it like DeLuxe. Plus the staff is awesome and hot. I think they have all been there a while, which to me is a great sign.

          3. wound up going with tip top cakes after calling 5 bakeries only to find out they've been booked for months with weddings.
            family says the cake was absolutely delicious and would highly recommend!