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Jul 26, 2010 12:22 PM

El Chipotle Deli-Norwalk

I've started to make the Taco rounds in Norwalk. Los Molcajetes has been great as well as Tacos Mexico. Los Portales makes a good taco, but it is their Tamales that I usually get.

Has anyone been to EL Chipotle Deli and or any of the other places in Norwalk

Tacos Mexico
82 Fort Point St, Norwalk, CT 06855

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  1. Los Molcajetes is the best bet of the ones you mention - particularly when you can get them to hand make your tortillas. I haven't tried the tamales at Los Portales. What kinds do they offer?

    El Chipotle is just OK. It's a really odd place. The space was obviously built for a much larger business. It's a big, cavernous space with a trapezoidal interior shape. You walk in and are greeted with a couple of lonely grocery aisles half stocked with aging products. Then way in the back there's a deli counter and a surprisingly large menu. According to my notes, I've only tried the tacos, which are $2.50 each. They were just OK... nothing special, really. I've had lengua, bistek, and chorizo there... if I remember correctly I don't think they have al pastor.

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    1. re: adamclyde

      Thanks for the info. I drive by on the way to work and have always wondered if it was worth a visit.

      I'll stick with Los Molcajetes and Tacos Mexiico.

      Any recs on Tamales in the Norealk area.

      Good luck on your move. I've really enjoyed your posts over the years.

      1. re: greguar

        thanks. Tamales... not really. In fact, I just haven't really searched for tamales too much in the area. That's as much of a fault of my own as it is a statement about the variety of options.