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Jul 26, 2010 11:14 AM

Stone ground flour in Calgary?

A friend of mine buys stone ground flour (in house ground) from a bakery in Edmonton. She made us some pancakes using the flour and they were amazing, slightly sweet and nutty and deliciously hearty.

I would love to find a source for stone ground flour here in Calgary. Anyone?

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  1. CNF, Amaranth, etc, all sell it. Major supermarkets may sell it under the Bob's brand.

    1. Check out this link,

      I have ordered directly from him (I believe River Cafe does as well) and he ships it Canada Post. Send him (Marc Loiselle) an email, he is very helpful and then you are assured your product is fresh.

      1. I'd give Prairie Mill Bread Company a call. I have no idea if they ever sell their flour but they might.

        1. Highwood Crossing is a local farm that makes stone ground flour and other products. You can find Highwood Crossing products at many stores here in Calgary:

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            Thank you everyone! I checked the Bob's brand stuff at Superstore, and looked at Planet Organic today. Her flour had a lot of texture to it, and what I saw at Planet Organic looked finer and more like regular flour.

            I'll call Prairie Mill - thanks!