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Jul 26, 2010 11:11 AM

Grand Rapids, MI: Italian Bakery and/or Fresh Pierogi?

Hi West Michigan hounds - I'm looking for an Italian bakery, the kind that would have cannoli, Italian cakes, and those crunchy Italian breadsticks. Anywhere in Grand Rapids would be fine. Also, is there somewhere I could buy fresh or frozen locally-made pierogies? Thanks!

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  1. Have you checked G.B. Russo's & Sons on 29th Street? I'm not sure if they do everything you mentioned, but they've been around forever and have a great selection of imported and house-made food. I believe I've seen local pierogies in the freezer section there. I have to say, though, I haven't really paid much attention to the bakery section, since they usually have slim pickings when I get there late in the afternoon when I am in the area (which isn't nearly as often as I'd like).

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      Thank you. I'll be visiting this weekend and will put Russo's on my list.

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        No problem. You might want to call to see if they have anything specific that you're interested in, particularly if you're not staying in the area. I don't have the number/website handy, but you can just google "Russo's Grand Rapids" and it should pull it up.

        If you're near downtown, while it's not an Italian bakery, there is a great little bakery in Heritage Hill called Nantucket Bake Shop. It's on Lyon and Union. They have all sorts of little treats and great bread, also good pizza and often slices on weekends. It's next door to a local wine and gourmet shop that has some amazing desserts (a lot of cheesecakes), good cheeses, some deli items, tons of wine and beer, as well as a selection of Palazzolo's Gelato, which is an amazing all-natural, small-batch gelato that's made in Saugutuck and absolutely decadent.

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          Yes, Nantucket is definitely a nice stop, just not what I'm looking for this time. I was thinking of the type of Italian bakeries that exist in Detroit: nothing but Italian pastries, cakes, and those -for me, strangely addictive- crunchy breadsticks.

          I did, in fact, google Russo's and asked about cannoli & breadsticks. Cannoli:yes, breadsticks:no. I will plan on a stop to check it out since I haven't been there before. Thanks again!

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      1. Not GR, but Perredies on Washington Sqr in Holland has baked goods. If you're in the area.

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          Thanks Scott D, I don't think we'll have time this trip, but that's a good option for the future.

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