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Jul 26, 2010 10:43 AM

Pickling supplies in New Haven Conn?

Anyone know where I can get common pickling supplies in the New Haven, Conn. area? I need some pickling salt, lids and rings for standard-size jars (not wide-mouth), Pickle Crisp and Clear Gel.

The Stop & Shop at Amity had nothing. The Woodbridge hardware store used to carry some stuff, but I have not been in there for a while.

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  1. Whole foods sells jars but if you go to
    They have pickle crisp which is Calcium Chloride its nasty stuff the food grade one might be ok but most of it is used to melt snow from your driveway. Alum is anothero ne used for making pickles crisp but it is banned in a lot of states. Clear Gel is a modified food starch typical used in instant puddings. its best used in cold applications. National Starch has it on its web and its not expensive. Dont get it confused with Sur Gel thats a fruit pectin.
    good luck

    1. If you have an Agway store near you, they're usually a pretty good bet.

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        Thanks - the Agway in North Haven had most of what I needed.