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Jul 26, 2010 10:42 AM

Affordable fish in the Concord, MA area?

While I loving my new suburban lifestyle, one of the adjustments I'm finding hard to swallow is the outrageous price for fish. In Somerville, I could even walk into the local Shaws and find reasonably fresh seafood and pay around $6 a lb for Salmon on sale. Now only a 30 min drive away, all the fish is in the double digits per pound ($8 a lb for Tilapia! The bargain fish!!) at both the grocery store and the fish markets.

Why is the 1/2hr drive such a big deal that it sends fish prices through the roof? Is there someplace in the Concord area ( Feel free to offer options in surrounding towns) that I am missing that doesn't charge an arm and a leg for fish? I am currently buying in bulk at the Costco in Waltham and freezing it, but I'm hoping there's another solution out there :)

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  1. Not sure of the pricing but excellent quality/nice place
    Twin Seafood in Concord.
    Great fried to go dinners too.

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      Also the Atlantic Sea Grille has a good size fish counter. Never have bought anything there but dinner. We get our fish at Shaws, Market Basket and Roche Brothers, usually when on sale.

    2. Try the Quarterdeck in Maynard.

      1. I've lived in Concord many years, have tried most of those options, and I buy my fish frozen at Trader Joe's (the one just west of Concord is the closest)-- it's fresh, the price can't be beat, and they clearly state if it's wild caught. The supermarket fish is not always fresh, and the Costco fish is not wild.

        Occasionally I buy frozen from Market Basket in Somerville, or fresh from Courthouse.

        1. I feel your pain, and I agree with your assessment completely. I'd rather not eat fish at all than freeze it, though. I think Twin Seafood is probably the best you're going to do. At least their stuff is fresh and high quality. Some supermarkets sometimes have a good price on some fish, but you can never count on it.

          1. I might get fish frames thrown at me for saying this, but Whole Foods often has good sales on fish. I've bought wild-caught salmon for $10/lb. Still not cheap but at least you'd get something better than tilapia :-) There's a store in Bedford.