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Jul 26, 2010 10:20 AM

Hyatt Fajitas

Does anyone remember how popular the fajitas were at the Hyatt Hotel, after it was first built?

Has anyone tried them lately? Are they still just as good or is this just a childhood memory from the past?

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  1. Yes, I do. Actually returned to Austin recently with a visit to the Hyatt as one of the highlights.... They do still serve fajitas but the recipe has been badly tampered with and my conclusion was, sadly, that now you're just as well off going to Chili's for fajitas. I think a few places have stepped into the void that the old Hyatt chef has left (e.g. Blue Goose Cantina in Plano or even any of the Taco Cabanas around the south, both of which are reminiscent of that amazing original Hyatt recipe.)

    1. We also have a place in Atlanta, where I live now, that brings back the old Hyatt fajita memories. It's called Nuevo Laredo, but I think the similarity in taste to the old Hyatt style fajitas is just coincidental. (As are, perhaps, the two hour waits for a table at Nuevo.)