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Jul 26, 2010 10:18 AM

Quick reco for a good bite tonight between Lauderdale airport and Deerfield?

Would be much appreciated, I'm flying in tonight, only problem is my plane lands at 8:30 so I couldn't get to the restaurant before 9ish. I'll be staying in Deerfield and was hoping for some (accessible from I95) foodie-worthy grub. price not important, craft beer a plus.

Thanks a million in advance!!

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  1. So far I've found Charm City Burgers, which looks yummy but they close at 9:30 so that'll be tight, and also Brother Tuckers which might fit the bill, it's in Pompano at the beach.

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      Here are two suggestions not far from the Ft Lauderdale airport:

      D’Angelo – 4215 N Federal Highway, Oakland Park FL 33308 (954-561-7300). They’re open until 11pm and the food is very good. Italian small plates and some very interesting pizzas. (


      Kelley’s Landing – 1305 SE 17th St Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316 (954-760-7009). They’re open until 10pm and do a nice job with New England style seafood. (

    2. Check out The Lodge in Boca, Its a little more north then you but only about 5 minutes north of Charm City on East side of Federal Hwy.

      Great selection of beers as well.

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        Funny you mention, we ate at the lodge last night, really enjoyed it. The fries of all things were the most impressive item we tried, the wings were decent- meaty but nothing special, and "Hot as Hell Habanero" is entirely inaccurate. Chicken sandwich was good, burger sliders above average, beer selection is probably the best in the area, GREAT brews on tap. The server was a real sweetheart too, and very attentive.

        We had lunch today at Charm City, I had to try the emperor burger with foie gras on it, and I was really disappointed. It was essentially a soggy mess of expensive fat. I've had Daniel Boulud's foie gras burger at Bistro Moderne in NYC and it was spectacular, and was only slightly more expensive than this one. I wish i'd tried the Bahn Mi burger, it looked cool with a pork & shrimp pattie and kim chee slaw, and at 1/4th the cost of the blob I ordered I was sad I went for the emperor. The standard fries were much better than the sweet potato ones, but neither could hold a dim candle to those mind blowingly awesome fries at the lodge (maybe I just caught the fries on a good night, but they were really noteworthy). My friends' burgers at charm city were good, but I've had better. Probably wouldn't go back.

        Trying to decide tonight between Cafe Maxx or something else, looking for creative and unique and tasty.

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          I think Cafe Maxx was having a wine dinner tonight, did you get to go there? They also have a decent summer prix fixe menu too, I went there last year and loved it.

          Charm City lost its charm to me, which was too bad. I did love it the first time I went and didn't the 2nd time. I was willing to give them another chance, but now I'm not going to, I don't think.

          I remember loving Lodge's fries too, but the burger was a tiny bit on the dry side, although the flavor was ok. I like my cheeseburgers greasy. :)

          So what are you looking for tomorrow? :)

          1. re: OysterHo

            I always find it interesting that there seems to be two things that really divide people more than any other type of food. Pizza and burgers.

            I've seen Charm City called everything from terrible and overhyped to the best burger someones ever had. As for me personally, I love it. I've been there a few times, and never had anything but a good burger (and the onion rings were also exceptional).

            In the end though, I'm always of the opinion, that just because other people like it, doesn't mean you have to. The great thing about burgers and pizza is that there are enough places down here that serve them, sooner or later you'll find one that you'll at least be moderately happy with.