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Jul 26, 2010 10:16 AM

North, at the Domain

Has anyone been to North that would care to comment? I stopped by to have a drink and their menu looks interesting and small enough that they can concentrate on doing a few items but perhaps doing them well.

BTW, I had a drink they call the Botanical, gin,soda, with a cucumber slice and fresh tarragon muddeled in Drambuie. Quite a drink.Very refreshing with out being sweet. The tarragon gave a nice finish to it. Definitely worth trying. It was interesting to sit at the bar and look over the whole restuarant in the big mirror behind the bar. All they needed was a girl in a fishtank.

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  1. I had their scallop dish during restaurant week and it was terrific!
    Here are some past reviews:

    1. I love their Short Rib "Osso Buco" dish. It's a little heavy for this time of year as it's really rich.
      I've also enjoyed the prosciutto and melon pizza when they've had it on the menu.