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Jul 26, 2010 08:48 AM

Grapevine ethnic


I'll be staying at the Hilton Garden Inn in Grapevine (near Main Street) for 2 weeks and am looking for some dining opportunities. Since meals will be eaten alone, I prefer to avoid the more formal restaurants and instead prefer smaller, more casual restaurants. In particular, I enjoy eating almost any ethnic food, including Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Mexican (for tacos al pastor, de lengua, huevos y nopales, etc), Italian, etc... The closer to my hotel, the better, as I usually like to have a beer with dinner and prefer to keep driving distances to a minimum after doing so.

I'm also interested in other dining opportunities that are nearby. I'm familiar with and will be eating at Tolbert's for chili and Weinberger's for an Italian Beef. Anything other don't miss casual restaurants nearby?


423 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

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  1. Anyway you look at it, GV isn't a hotbed for ethnic.

    I've never tried it, but there is a taqueria on the north side of NW Hwy, just west of Main St. It looks like an old DQ or other Drive-IN. I generally see quite a few cars there when I pass by.

    Also on (the south side of) NW Hwy just east of Main is LosAmigos - I think they have b'fast on the weekends - call to verify if still byob. The website gives a less casual image than what it really is - think VERY casual.

    Haven't eaten here either, but have read good reviews of Edohana Hibachi & Sushi.

    It's not ethnic, but if you'd like a good burger and want to eat out on a boat dock at Lake Grapevine, think about Big Daddy's. Don't remember if they have or allow beer. You'd need to check about that.

    Sorry, maybe some others can come up with some ethnic options.

    Edohana Hibachi & Sushi
    1501 W State Highway 114 Ste 100, Grapevine, TX 76051

    Big Daddy's
    6001 N Main St, Fort Worth, TX 76179

    1. For Italian you aren't too far of a drive from Coppell so check out Maurizios. Cavalli is also not too far (check the 2nd link)

      As far as other ethnic stuff yeah you'd probably have to get out of Grapevine. I'd suggest driving to Koreatown (35/Royal), or maybe Arlington for Vietnamese. Some Indian restaurants have also started popping up in Valley Ranch along Macarthur/635.

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        I would agree with getting out of Grapevine with one BIG exception - The mother of all road work projects is underway and lanes affecting 121, 114 and 635 (leading into the airport) have been detoured, rerouted, re-striped ... it's a mess. Couple that with a cocktail, unfamiliarity (even when you know where you're going) and night driving .... well, the OP can make up his/her own mind, but s/he already stated s/he'd like to stay close.

        I believe the Hilton, where G200 is staying is the one close to Bass Pro/Grapevine Mills, so Lewisville isn't more than about a 10 min drive north on 121. As of last weekend, 121 N. bound was still untouched.

        Thinking about Bass Pro - off to the side is Uncle Buck's Brewery and Steakhouse. The steakhouse is outside your requirements, but just so you know it's there... upstairs is a brewpub where I'd imagine they'd have a bar-food menu available -

        Here is a link @ Lewisville from the first of the year with some ethnic choices - the primary contributor, LewisvilleHounder, is pretty much the accepted guru of (Asian) ethnic choices on this board.

      2. As others have said, Grapevine is a good place to eat like a white person.

        On Main St, try the Main Street Bread Baking Co ... I like the chicken salad croissant, but they have omelettes and more--it's been bought out and the menu expanded--I'm sure it's online. I haven't had good luck at Tolbert's ... choose carefully there. You might stop by BreadHaus (German bakery, they have a website so you can see what they do), & by Market Street for some good cheese/fruit/sausage/ beer/whatever. If you don't have a place to eat in your hotel room, I imagine there's a place at Market Street.

        If you feel like coming to FW, you could check out Rahr Brewery. You could always take it back with you ... there are also nearby restaurants that serve it I believe (I'm sure the brewery would be more than happy to tell you).

        There's a good mid-cities thread around here somewhere with some ethnic recommendations.

        423 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

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        1. re: foiegras

          As far as I've heard, Rahr's brewery is still closed to the public, but the beer is pretty easy find, and you can keep an eye on their twitter or facebook for events around town.

          Also just fyi it's illegal for a brewery to sell product like bottles and kegs directly to consumers in Texas, thank some archaic laws for that.

          1. re: air

            Sorry about that ... didn't mean to spread misinformation. I've been to a bunch of events there. But am only a wine drinker myself ... that is a very bizarre law. Not sure what's open currently, but I know there have been several microbreweries around town ... I guess it was the attached restaurants selling to the public.

        2. There is the hole in the wall Taco H near the 114/William D Tate intersection. Cheap and good tacos. It shares a kitchen with Baja Mexican place where I have never ate. I always go to the door that says Taco H. they also serve cold beer.

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          1. re: ibobi

            Thanks all for the good suggestions. The BreadHaus and Market Street sound intriguing. I can deal with eating take-out for a few nights. As far as Tolbert's, I plan on only eating chili while cooling my tongue with a cold beer. I've had the chili before and rather enjoyed it. Taco H sounds like my kind of place. It's on my list.

            1. re: G200

              Don't miss Into the Glass on Main. Wayne has a great menu and you can have beer, cocktail, or they are flexible. We took our friends from Austin this past weekend for lunch and we had an appetizer and four different entrees with everyone passing them around the table and no one could decide who had ordered better. You can also eat at the bar. Have a good trip.

              Into the Glass
              322 S Main St, Grapevine, TX 76051

            2. re: ibobi

              Definitely agree with El Taco H. Tacos al pastor with Jarritos Tamarindo... drool.

              1. re: tango7000

                Taco H was great, as advertised. Thanks for the recommendations. Tacos carnitas and al pastor were wonderfully moist and well spiced. I would have preferred some of those crunchy bits you often find in carnitas. The guacamole was good, too. Creamy with some chunks. Although I didn't see a beer menu, I was able to enjoy an horchata. With two weeks left here, I'm sure I'll see Taco H again.

                My first night, since my flight arrived late, I had to find something near the hotel. Big mistake. I'm ashamed to admit I ate at El Fenix. Lesson learned.

                El Fenix Restaurants
                6391 Camp Bowie Blvd, Fort Worth, TX 76116

                1. re: G200

                  Nothing to be ashamed of ... it's your grandfather's Tex-Mex. Well, it was my grandfather's Tex-Mex--his favorite. It was really a sad thing for him when he couldn't eat it any more. It's variable ... some locations are a lot better than others. I've had really horrid warmed-over enchiladas there, and I've had quite decent food as well. It's a classic in its own way. I find with old local chains it's best to go to a long-established location, which I suspect the one you went to is not.

                  1. re: G200

                    I share the sentiments of foiegras. I had a moment of nostalgia resurrection a couple of years ago and went to the Grapevine location. It was just simple and comfortably good. Then! the bill came. Jimminey! they are certainly proud of their weak 'ritas!!!