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Birthday Pie?

I'm getting crazy for my 30ish birthday this year and springing for birthday pie instead of the traditional cake. My first instinct is to head to Upper Crust for all of my pie needs but I want to check here first for some alternative recommendations. I'm hesitant to try Central Market/Whole Foods just because, well, it doesn't seem too exciting.

I'll be feeding about 2 dozen so I'd like to have an assortment of different pies from different places.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. RO's Outpost in Spicewood has a pie lady worth her weight in gold.

    It's about 25 miles out highway 71. The barbecue is good and they serve a respectable chicken fried steak. Make sure you get the deep fried corn on the cob.


    (512) 264-1169
    22112 Hwy 71 W
    Spicewood, TX 78669

    1. I'm not from your area, but had to click when I saw the title "Birthday Pie", it's what I want on my birthday every year. Grocery stores are typically best avoided, sometimes local bakeries are good, but if you can find a "pie lady" you are in heaven. People who do pie well really don't need to do too much else.

      Happy Birthday! Enjoy your pie!

      1. I love pie! I've been wanting to try Cutie Pie Wagon, but haven't made it down there yet.

        I had an amazing cobbler awhile back at Nutty Brown Cafe. I either read or heard somewhere that their pies come from Wimberley Pie Co., but I can't confirm.

        While I really dislike Salt Lick, and am loathe to bring it up lest I start that great debate again, their pecan pie sticks out as one of the best pieces of pie I've ever eaten.

        If you do go to RO's Outpost, don't get their peanut butter pie. (Oreo crust, peanut butter mousse and a thin layer of chocolate on the top). I thought this was no better than a Sara Lee dessert, but maybe I ordered wrong.

        Dahlia Cafe in Liberty Hill makes all their own desserts except for the cheesecake, and they always have a chess pie or buttermilk pie, plus some daily specials.

        The only remarkable pie I can think of in town is Green Mesquite's fudge pie.

        I've never had a pie from Upper Crust, but everything I've had from there has been exceptional. Please report back on whatever you find!

        Nutty Brown Cafe
        12225 W Highway 290, Austin, TX 78737

        1. Duetsch Apple Bakery in Blanco has an Apple Pie that will make you freak out. They even sell them frozen so you can bake it off at home. I think they are $16 each, but I could be wrong about that. It's a way to go, but the apples are grown in Blanco and you just can't get over how good it is.

          1. Last year for my birthday I requested my favorite pie from the Monument Cafe in Georgetown. Their Black Bottom Banana pie haunts my dreams!!! I've never had a bad dessert there.

            1. Happy birthday! I definitely recommend Texas Pie Company in Kyle. Also, Royer's Round Top Cafe is not too far off 290 past Giddings. It's a drive but the pie is great!

              Texas Pie Company
              202 W Center St, Kyle, TX 78640

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                I second the recommendation for Texas Pie Company in Kyle. They don't do meringues, but they have wonderful fruit and chocolate pies. Also, their pies are on the large side.

                Texas Pie Company
                202 W Center St, Kyle, TX 78640

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                  How's the key lime? My husband's fave for his birthday. Worth the trip from Round Rock?

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                    I haven't had the key lime there. It wouldn't be one of their specialties, if they have it. I go there for the cook-fruit-with-sugar-on-a-stove type of fruit pies. So if you like cherry, peach, or berry pies, it is definitely worth the trip.

              2. threadgill's has the best buttermilk pie. I like to get a whole pie and serve it with fresh berries at home. the chocolate icebox is pretty great too.

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                  I've always liked the Chess Pie from Luby's.

                2. The completely under-appreciated Texan Cafe in Hutto has a decadent coconut cream pie that is one of the best I have had. http://www.texancafe.net/index.htm

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                    Glad that Texan Cafe has upped their game. My visit [ http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/454957 ] found me on the business end of one bad, albeitly pretty, slice of pie.

                    I do wish I could remember the name of the little deli inside an old filling station in Smithville. They have conquered the making of the Deep South classic; Jefferson Davis pie. One of the better slices I've had in Texas.

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                      well, it's certainly not Johnny Ray's. But still, not bad.

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                        Hey Larry
                        I'm afraid Johnny Ray's isn't even Johnny Rays anymore. The flagship on Valley is Baby Rays now and I'm afraid once Mr Ray and Honey Ray passed the kids have driven the business into the ground. My review above on the Texan was a few years old and they may have righted the ship since. Those sure were some pretty pies at any rate.

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                          That's really the most depressing news to come out of Birmingham in a while. Which is really saying something.

                          Chef, have you ever found any decent sweet tea here in Austin? You know...sickeningly sweet stuff?

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                            Sweet tea is a decided rarity in Austin. We're just too far from the South for it to be common. You should start a thread on the topic and see if some broad ranging eaters have found it somewhere in the area.

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                              Well, the direction of this thread is pretty interesting. I post about birthday pie in Austin , TX and we start discussing BBQ in my home town of Birmingham, AL! I haven't lived there in over a decade but my go-to was always Full Moon BBQ.

                              Regarding the pie, I'm going to order from RO's outpost. The jalapeno apple was just too intriguing to resist!