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Jul 26, 2010 08:20 AM

Bangor - Red Sauce

Since Mamma Baldacci's closed a while back I've been searching for a good place to get a simpel plate of pasta and red sauce. Does anybody know of one in the Bangor area?

I'm not averse to chains, but Olive Garden just doesn't cut it for me - East Side Mario's does a better job.

We're looking for simple, hearty fare like Momma's used to serve - traditional red check table cloth food, and we're not hung up on the table cloth.

All help is appreciated.

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  1. There are two good Italian places downtown. One is Massimo's Italian Cucina, on Hammond Street. A bit higher end, good seafood and basic pasta. Nice salad and antipasto menu. The other is Tesoro on Franklin Street. Pizza, pasta, eggplant parm. Nothing fancy, but good Italian American food.

    1. I suppose that you would not be a Chowhound if you ate at Olive Garden.

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        Truck on out to Ellsworth the Luigi's on Rt 3.

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          Luigi's Place is worth the ride. Go stroll Bird's Acre afterward.