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cauliflower/broccoli stalk ideas

hello all, i've some cauliflower and broccoli and need to break out of my old ways on cooking the usually discarded stalks. i typically do them in a cheesy bechamel or as a sesame and cashew stir fry and i'm starting to tire of just two preparations. would love some hound input.

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  1. They are awfully good peeled and sliced into salads or as chef's snack while making dinner (with or without dip of some sort). But I never get to eat them anymore because they are so popular with my dogs!

    1. Peel, cut into matchsticks, and toss with a marinade of diced garlic, rice wine vinegar, sugar, salt&pepper, and garnish with some sesame oil and nori flakes (optional). Voila, instant broccoli stalk salad.

      1. Grate the cauliflower on a coarse cheese grater and toss it in a covered dish in the microwave - dry - and nuke for a few minutes. (I usually do about 2minutes for one serving.) it makes an excellent "rice."

        Also, julienned broccoli stems makes an awesome addition to stir-fries or coleslaw.

        1. Broccoli stalks are tender and tasty, much milder than the florets. Rather than hiding them in a gooey sauce, try peeling and steaming them lightly, then topping with a bit of good butter, a sprinkle of salt and a squeeze of lemon. Delightful!

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            I boiled the broccoli stalks and pasta separately and set aside. Sauteed mushrooms in a little butter, deglazed them with wine and added a little flour. Added the pasta and broccoli to the mushroom with combined sauce of a small amount of milk and chicken soup. Mixed all together and sprinkled with parmesean cheese.

          2. Grate or slice paper-thin with a mandoline and use as a slaw, either on their own or combined.

            1. This broccoli salad recipe is fantastic.


              It calls for both florets and stalks, but I had a bunch where many of the florets had gone bad so I used mostly stalks and it was great. I sliced the stalks crosswise into 1-2 inch lengths, then halved or quartered them for the salad. Follow the very easy instructions. You can add other veggies if you like, and I'm sure you could use cauliflower instead or in combination.

              You can also use broccoli and cauliflower stalks to make soup, using the standard veloute method. (Saute aromatics and seasonings, add stock and veggies to cook until soft, puree whole thing, add cream if you like to thicken.)

              1. These broccoli stalk pickles by Martha Rose Shulman are pretty tasty.


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                  that is one of my family favorite thing to do with the broccoli stalks especially since we have so much left from our restaurant since we serve usually mostly floret.

                2. steam and puree with broth/stock, herbs, salt and pepper, drizzle in some olive oil to finish and a dollop of ricotta cheese and fresh herbs

                  1. Cream of broccoli or cauliflower soup
                    Steamed and added to a pasta salad with other veggies, in a rice dish or on a baked potato
                    Shredded and used as a filling for won tons either in a soup or fried and served with a dipping sauce; use as a filling for steamed Chinese buns
                    Pickled with ginger, onions, etc in a relish; add to burgers, hot dogs, etc.
                    Peeled & thinly sliced for chicken or seafood broccoli or cauliflower alfredo
                    Peeled & chopped for broccoli cheese cornbread

                    1. Certainly don't discard the stalks. I peel, thinly slice and then throw them in with however I'm cooking the florets.