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Jul 26, 2010 07:33 AM

Pizza delivery in Golden Valley area?

I just moved to Golden Valley about a week ago and am totally clueless about my pizza delivery options. Google hasn't been that helpful—I'm no pizza snob, but I refuse to order from Dominos or Pizza Hut.

In our old SW Mpls neighborhood, we typically ordered from Broders, Lake Harriet or Luce. Can anyone recommend a good delivery option for Golden Valley (or Crystal, as we're pretty close)? There is a place called Pizza Man just up the street from us, but I can't find any decent reviews of it online.

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  1. I agree about Dominos or Pizza Hut. You have a Davanni's in Golden Valley on Douglas Drive. The Pizza Man is pretty decent too.

    I don't think they deliver, but the Italian Pie Shoppe in New Hope and Sweet Taste of Italy, Crystal are both close (42nd Ave and Douglas) and decent too.

    Italian Pie Shoppe
    7107 42nd Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427

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      There is also Jet's Pizza on 42nd and Winnetka - never had it but teenagers swear by it...

      Jet's Pizza
      4216 Winnetka Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55428

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        Actually, that Davanni's is on Winnetka, not Douglas...sorry about that....

      2. If you live west of Highway 100 you can get delivery from Joey Nova's.

        Joey Nova's
        5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331

        1. Frankie's on 36th and Wtka in Crystal and Chanticlear on 36th and 169 in New Hope both have serviceable Minnesota flatbread type pizza. Also Joey Nova's on 55 just west of 169 for a more NYC style pie.

          Chanticlear Pizza
          9428 36th Ave N Ste A, Minneapolis, MN 55427

          Joey Nova's Pizzeria & Grilled Subs
          10100 6th Ave N Ste 102, Minneapolis, MN 55441

          Frankies Pizza
          3556 Winnetka Ave N, Minneapolis, MN 55427

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            The deep dish from Frankie's is the best thing they have going. I haven't ordered from them in a while, but they were using real sausage on their pizza, not the pre-formed nuggets.

            Try a deep dish sausage, and you'll be pretty happy.

            As others have said, Joey Nova's does a pretty good job as well. Jet's is a franchise out of (I think) Michigan, and does a pretty greasy square pizza. I'm sure that's what the kids love, I have a kind of soft spot for it, especially with a seasoned crust. I mean uh... drive to the Calhoun Punch... it isn't that far...

            Joey Nova's
            5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331

          2. Thanks, everyone! I tried Pizza Man last week and it was fine, but I'm excited to check out Joey Nova's and Frankie's.

            Joey Nova's
            5655 Manitou Rd, Excelsior, MN 55331

            1. They don't deliver but Latuffs is the best pizza in GV.