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Jul 26, 2010 07:28 AM

Where to Eat Near Le Sqaure Phillipe Hotel & Suites

Four women will be in Montreal this weekend for a mother/daughter weekend, daughters in their early 20's and mom's.......well older. We are looking for great places to eat that is walking distance to our hotel including Old Montreal and St. Catherines Street. We will be here for some shopping and sightseeing. Our budget is about 25 to 30 per person including a glass of wine. We would also like to know of some lunch spots as breakfast is included in our hotel.

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  1. 2, 3 options :

    F ( the little brother of Ferreira) and T (little sister of Toqué!) both are on the "Place des Festivals" at "Place Des Arts" (about 5 minutes walk on St-Catherine).

    Taverne Dominion (rue metcalf, about 5 minutes in the opposite direction of the 2 above).

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      Hi, Actually, we're going to be staying there too in August, but with a different demographic. Anywhere you'd recommend nearby for a family with young (elementary school) eaters. Preferably somewhere with good food and pleasant ambiance for the parents too : )

      I am slowly compiling a list with ideas for Montreal generally, but realize that some nights we might want to walk out for a bite rather than get transit and/or long walk. Anyway, all ideas welcome. Thanks.

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        il focolaio would be a perfect fit for the kids, as this place specializes in pizza (every kid loves pizza). Although they have alot of different topping, they have the classic 'all dressed' pizza which is kids friendly.

    2. Walk down beaver hall passed rene levesque and you will have a few restaurants: Beaver Hall, adiamo, Houston steak house, bar et boeuf.

      Beaver Hall
      1073, Cote du Beaver Hall, Montreal, QC H2Z 1S5, CA

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        I was about to ask if any of these places had patios but then I had two thoughts:

        1) Is it a patio-y part of town, and
        2) will it be too hot for a patio anyway (mid August)?

        Any comments?

        And of course thanks so much for advice so far!

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          Of the restaurants mentionned by mak2k, only Houston have a terrasse if i recall correctly

          Otherwise, the restaurants on square phillips (only one worth trying imo is il foccolaio for pizza) have terrasses as well

      2. Thanks for the recs in both this thread and others. We had a great stay, including a very fun night at Holder which was close by and pleasantly rowdy for adults and little kids alike. Il Focalaio was of course perfect for us (so we ate there twice). Beaver Hall was slightly underwhelming but nice to the kids and their kids' menu is a good deal. We went to F for fancy drinks (the kids even got fancy non-alc versions) after watching the excellent music/art videos at the Contemporary Art Museum. We only wished the kids had their bathers for the fountain, but it was certainly fun to watch. Further afield we had a fun afternoon at the Main after we realized that Schwartz's had a huge line-up despite the rain. Love that coleslaw and the salami sandwich! As a total rookie, I shall not deign to comment on the smoked meat : )
        All in all enjoyed your board.