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Jul 26, 2010 06:57 AM

Williamsburg, VA Area

My family and I will be traveling to Williamsburg, VA in September. Any recommendations on where to eat or places to visit in the area? My husband and I have a 1 1/2 year old child so places that are child friendly are important to us. However we will be traveling with my parents and so my husband and I will have some time to go out to dinner together (just the two of us). We especially appreciate local/chef owned places and we are somewhat adventurous. Thanks!

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  1. If you like barbecue, Pierce's is a good, casual family-friendly spot.

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      Respectfully disagree on Pierce's recommendation. We loved that place for years, but last time, the BBQ sandwiches tasted like there had been a grease fire and the meat suffered terribly. We'll never go back there. If you go down I-64 to Mercury Blvd exit in Hampton, find the Target store. Across the parking lot from Target is "Q," a truly great bbq joint and is run by one of the winningest BBQers on the competition BBQ circuit.

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        Actually I think Pierces is possibly the worst barbeque I have ever eaten. I'd actually prefer fast food, and I don't eat fast food.

      2. The Corner Pocket is casual and fun with outdoor dining and music. Cities Grill is casual and nice for dinner. Black Angus is very nice for fine dining at dinner.

        The Corner Pocket @ 4805 Courthouse St., Williamsburg, Virginia, VA 757 - 220 - 0808.
        Cities Grill @ 4511 John Tyler Highway, Williamsburg, VA 757 - 564 - 3955.
        Black Angus Grill @ 1433 Richmond Road, Williamsburg, VA 757 - 229 - 6823.

        1. You should eat at one of the restored colonial taverns in colonial Williamsburg while you are there.

          My family always liked the College Deli across from the William and Mary campus only about three blocks down Richmond Rd. from colonial Williamsburg. Good subs / sandwiches for lunch. There is a place across the diagonal street from the College Deli that is also good. I don't remember the exact name of the place, but it does have green in the name. Maybe Green Leaf Inn, or something like that. We like their large pitchers of beer to share on a hot day.

          1. Thank you so much everyone! These places all sound wonderful. I am making a list to take with us on our trip. Any other recommendations are welcome of course.

            1. We had a very good meal in December at Food for Thought on Richmond Rd. It's kid friendly, popular with locals, and has a very interesting menu.