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Jul 26, 2010 06:13 AM

where to get fresh beans?

looking for fresh shell beans - limas, favas, cranberries, etc.... anybody seen them locally? or am i just seasonally inappropriate?

thanks in advance for any leads.

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  1. Check with McGrath Family Farms http://www.mcgrathfamilyfarm.com/ who come to the Wednesday Santa Monica Farmers Market for one. They have had fresh lima beans in the past (and maybe some of the others - or may well know who does have them).

    1. I got fava beans at the Hollywood farmers market a couple of months ago, don't know if they are still in season. I tend to find them at Jons supermarkets too, and I saw some at Ralphs last week, but at $6.50/lbs, no way.

      1. Super King usually has fresh garbanzos and often favas too. They also frequently offer fresh almonds although I haven't a clue what to do with them.

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          You can make jam. You can make a drink with sugar and milk--its common in Asia. It's called Almond milk. Or eat it raw with salt

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            Fresh garbanzos and favas are available at Super King right now. Be warned: fresh garbanzos are one bean to a pod so be prepared for endless shucking.

          2. Found quite a variety including cranberry at yesterdays Hollywood (Ivar St) farmers market. Two vendors. I bought a salad medley that included fresh raw peanuts. Yum!!

            1. I grow it at home. So it's not seasonally inappropriate.