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Jul 26, 2010 05:59 AM

Jerusalem restaurants

Will be there this summer and was wondering if anyone had recommendations of high-end places. We've been to 1868 and Darna...looking to expand!

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  1. I haven't tried Rooftop at the Mamilla Hotel yet, but it is getting great reviews:
    It's on my list to try within the next few weeks...

    1. We love Hachatzer - you can enter from either Derech Betlechem or Derech Chevron. Across the street from La Guta (where 1868 used to be). Several people have told us it is their favorite and everyone we have recommended it to has been very happy.
      Be sure to check eLuna.com for 10% discount coupons to many Jerusalem restaurants.

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        I assume you mean the 1868 dairy place...I hope the meat restaurant is still open.
        What kind of food does Hachatzer serve?

      2. Just came back from Gabriel on Shimon ben Shatah. Service was great (the best I have ever had in Israel), food was delicious, and the atmosphere was very nice. The server's name was Tali. Apparently, there is a new chef. I wouldn't call the menu creative, but the food was perfectly cooked and deliciously spiced. We started with pea soup. I had salmon served over green beans and mushrooms, and my husband had the beef fillet. The hostess brought us a plate of appetizers salads and a complimentary glass of desert wine. It was a very pleasant experience overall.

        1. The best restaurant in town are the Rooftop restaurant which someone already mentioned here with their astonishing view and great food: http://www.mamillahotel.com/rooftop , You should also consider the Scala restaurant which their food quality is as good if not better than the 1868 that was also mentioned here: http://www.scala-rest.com.

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            Both sound interesting...but where is Scala? Their website has no address ;-)

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              Click on "contact us" on the top bar on their homepage.

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                Thanks...feel so dumb...but it really should've been more prominently on their home page!

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              I went to Rooftops last night. Food was delicious and view of Old City was amazing (food and view)!!! I had the Red Drum fish and my husband had the fillet with wild mushrooms. Both dishes were cooked perfectly. It was not cheap, but we felt we got very good value for our meals, and at about $35 per entree it was definitely not expensive compared to US prices for the same food. You should be aware that it is more of a French Bistro environment than a restaurant. Side dishes come separately and you can also order sandwiches and french fries with your meal at Rooftops. It was a more casual environment than Gabriel.

              Having said that, the service was poor considering it was in such a beautiful hotel and the food was so good. I hope they iron out the issues soon. When my husband called to make our reservation, he was told twice that we had the table for a two hour slot, and we thought that was kind of cheesey. The waitress that took our order was named Gili and she was great, but she had to cover for all of the staff that made mistakes bringing us our food. Our table had not been wiped down before our place settings were put on the table (there was sugar and something sticky very obviously all over the table - gross). One of our side dishes was not delivered with our meal. The server (different from our waitress) took away my husband's plate while he was in mid-bite and without asking if he could clear the plate. We had to ask for water several times before it was served. Nobody came around to refill our wine glasses. Our dessert was served with spoons instead of forks, which would have been more appropriate for the dish.

              The manager gave us complimentary coffee, but it did not make up for the poor service.

              My advice is go for the food and the view, but don't expect world class service.