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Jul 26, 2010 05:27 AM

Pamela Anderson wants Foie Gras off menu

Could this "has been" go away.

As a Canadian this was Pamela Anderson's first visit to Montreal, who is she to tell Globe what to have on their menu. They've been doing quite well all these years, I don't think they need free promotion from her, mind you they just got it. I don't even know why Montreal's Just for Laughs Festival included her in their line-up this year.

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  1. wait a minute, now. how can a vegetarian activist be such a collagen hound?

    1. If she doesn't want to eat Foie Gras, no one is going to make her. IMHO she has no right to tell anyone else what they should eat.

      1. Anyone who chooses to wear subcutaneous personal flotation devices should be ignored.

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          1. re: shallots

            Hey, watch it! I've got a subcutaneous PFD. Right above my belt buckle.

          2. Every time I am told not to order foie gras, I make sure to order an extra portion. : )

            foie gras is seriously delicious. I don't want PETA telling me what to eat. causing the things you eat to suffer is part of the miraculous web of life. crazy people who feed their dogs vegetarian kibble are worse to animals then people who eat foie gras. Also, all animals don't have the same parts. humans have parts in their brain that allow self reflective consciousness (the sense of 'i am'. animals mostly don't.) big difference.

            I'm going to ask my local butcher if he can get me a nice hunk of foie gras tomorrow, in honor of Pam Anderson's stupidity.

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            1. re: TheFoodEater

              I concur, and I would strike a compromise with her. Leave me alone with my lobes of foie gras, I'll leave her alone with her lobes of silicone.

              1. re: TheFoodEater

                Don't get me wrong: I love foie gras, and rarely see it on a menu without ordering it.


                Your statement about causing animals to suffer is horrifying, but more worryingly, shows a fundamental lack of understanding about food provenance. There are many ethical producers of foie gras and two of the best 3 Michelin star restaurants (Restaurant Gordon Ramsay, Royal Hospital Road and The Fat Duck) use it exclusively. I can personally attest that there is no loss in quality. And if you've ever tasted meat that is produced organically, in a free-range environment with as natural a diet as possible, you would know that meat coming from those animals is more delicious and of much higher quality than their factory counterparts.

                Most people don't know it, but geese will actually over-feed themselves in preparation for the migration season. That means that NO ONE needs to shove tubes down their throats - they will queue up for feedings.

                And let's be clear - you can't say for certain that animals don't have a sense of consciousness. Have you ever been an animal? Has anyone been inside the head of an animal? No. We have no idea. So it is our job, as the "protector" species to do our best to take care of them, and treat them humanely while they are alive. I'm not in any way affiliated with PETA, and I don't like many of their tactics, but I cannot stand people who throw out the message because of the tactics. You're only doing yourself a disservice, and I'm surprised and disappointed that all the wonderful CH's who ascribe to organic and free-range let that comment pass without critique.

                The only thing I can agree with you on is feeding dogs vegetarian food. Cats and dogs are carnivores and you cause great damage to give them anything but a high-protein diet.

                Oh, and I guess I agree with you about Pamela Anderson not being the sharpest tool in the shed.

                1. re: guster4lovers

                  I agree, we shouldn't be needlessly cruel to food animals. But, that's really irrelevant to the debate. What I'm saying is that even if we knew for certain that fois gras production caused the geese great pain, it would still be ethical to eat it. We should eat the hudson valley style fois gras, for sure, because happier animals (besides lobsters) are tastier animals. And I do eat organic, including meat, and local farm eggs from 2 blocks away, and even get many vegetables from community farms.

                  But, I don't think we should accept PETA's framing of the debate. PETA argues "fois gras production is cruel to animals." (PETA is really thinking "fois gras eaters and sellers are soft targets for the unethical tactics we use when we aren't terrorizing the children of cancer researchers or dehumanizing the females we use in our ads") We shouldn't respond to PETA's argument with "fois gras can be ethically produced." If we do that, they already won. We should respond to PETA's argument with "you are ethical busybodies with no business telling anyone who to eat, you exploit women, you terrorize scientists doing legitimate research and you're complete hypocrites."

                  look, never mind humans at all. there are tons of animals who cause horrible suffering to the animals they feed on. There are parasites (organic free range ones!!) that eat their hosts from the inside out while they are still alive, causing them unimaginable pain. Eating (or being eaten) with no regard at all for the cruelty involved is as much an organic, natural part of the cycle of life as sex, birth, death and photosynthesis. If fois gras production is cruel, it's a kind of cruelty that's as essential to nature as being born.

                  So, I'm not saying we should be cruel to food animals. But, I'm saying we shouldn't cede ground to PETA when they argue that fois gras production is cruel by accepting their implicit assumption that cruelty to food animals is unethical.

              2. What makes me sick is the rise in people protesting in front of restaurants selling foie gras, get a life, I wish I had the extra time to take out of my day to stand outside a restaurant and protest about someting I knew nothing about but it would make me hungry and Id end up going inside to a window side seat and order a 5 course foie gras tasting menu.

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                1. re: ZagChef

                  Its these busy bodies like Pam Anderson why I can't get eat horse or whale meat here in America.

                  1. re: hobbess

                    The reasons for avoiding horse meat are very different than those for avoiding foie gras, which in turn have nothing whatsoever do with the reasons for not eating whale. Someone who suggests banning meat because the animal it comes from is cute is a busybody. Someone who supports the protection of endangered species, on the other hand, is not. It's like the difference between opposing miscegenation and child molestation..

                    1. re: alanbarnes

                      Not all species of whales are endangered, yet all whale meat is banned. Some whale species have rebounded to healthy levels that matched numbers before they were hunted for their blubber and oil. If those numbers for a particular species are healthy enough and sustainable, why can't those particular species be hunted except that a lot of people find them cute?

                      Horse meat is available in Canada and Europe, but banned in America mainly because people think they're cute. So, you'd agree that people who oppose the sale of horse meat in America are busy bodies?

                      Perhaps, the most apropos analogy would be between fois gras and dog meat. With dogs, you've got the whole cuteness factor which horses and whales share. But, in foie gras and dog meat, they both share concerns about how those animals are treated. With many dog eaters, they believe that a dog that is tortured tastes better and thus many dogs are mis-treated before they are killed. And, some people view the gavage process to produce foie gras as torturing the geese.

                      1. re: hobbess

                        Personally, I have a huge issue with people starving when we're killing animals that are meat in so many cultures...horses, meat.....vegan actresses...