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Jul 25, 2010 07:30 PM

Budget Toronto Wedding Catering


I'm trying to plan an April 2011 wedding for 120 mostly out of town guests and finding alternatives within my budget is proving very difficult. ($10,000 overall, which translates to about $5-6000 for catering or $40-50 pp)

Because so many of my guests are coming from out of town I really want to serve a full dinner meal (not cocktail or tea). We're open to different ideas (ethnic food, stations, breakfast for supper, bbq, etc.) just as long as it doesn't upset the grandmas too much and includes food that's tasty and somewhat original. (not interested in the hotel banquet, "chicken or steak" option).

Any reviews of caterers or restaurants would be great!

(we're looking at below the 401 area - must be ttc accessible)

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  1. I'm also thinking of doing an "elegant bbq" wedding, partially for budget reasons, and partially because I think my family would find it more fun than a formal plated dinner.

    I've found two caterers that have packages from about $20/person, and have upscale options like grilled salmon and prime rib if you don't want to serve burgers at your wedding: and

    They both say on their websites that they do weddings. But I can't find any reviews of either of them online, and would really love to hear from someone who's had personal experience with them.

    1. I just got married over the weekend and I used Noble Culinary for Catering and they were fabulous. I also had a small budget wedding for 50 people and they made it work within my budget and I didn't feel that I had to sacrifice anything in order to meet the budget. I had approached a few catering companies but we chose Noble because they were really easy to work with and actually took a lot of the stress away from me. Our guests loved the food and it was very original. I wish I had seconds of the pineapple tarte with ginger ice-cream. It was delicious! I've been lurking here for awhile but came on just to give my review because I was so impressed with them. I hoped that helped.

      Noble Culinary
      127 Manville Rd, Toronto, ON M1L, CA

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        They sound ideal, what did you get for food and how much was it? Did they provide servers, service including plates, cutlery, glasses etc....and a space for the reception?

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          We got hors d'oeuvres of tequila lamb, vegetarian tarte tatin, and smoked salmon potato latkes (people raved about the apps), two choices of entrees (not including a vegetarian choice) and we chose the salmon which was cooked to perfection and steak and shrimp, and for dessert we had pineapple tarte with ginger ice cream.

          They did provide servers and they used Chairman Mills as the rental company (they were super as well) for all of our cutlery, linens, glasses etc. I was on a tight budget and Noble worked with me to meet that budget. They don't have a reception space as that I had to rent on my own. However, my space had a tight time restriction and we couldn't access it until 5 pm and my wedding ceremony started at 6:30 pm. Noble went in and did everything that needed to be done and it really looked gorgeous.

          The food itself was very affordable and even though I got excellent prices on the rentals they were the bulk of the cost. I got quite a few quotes before choosing Noble. Maybe contact them for a quote? Tina is great to deal with and is really knowledgeable. When I get the photos back from the photographer I'll try to post some pics.

          I know I'm raving but my husband and I were just so impressed by them. Good luck in your search and feel free to ask anything else.

          1. re: blueberries4me

            Hi Blueberries4me, would love to see pictures- thinking of booking todmorden for 75-100 people next fall. Would be great to know that Noble can work with a budget and is already familiar with the space- was the construction an issue?

            1. re: foodiewedding2011

              Hi Foodie, I was worried about the construction because it wasn't very pretty with tractors parked in the lot and orange fencing everywhere (and communication about the construction and changes were pretty sparse - my suggestion is that if there is construction going on at the time of your wedding then do have a backup plan if you're having an outdoor ceremony) but once you got into the nature area by the houses or in the gallery it wasn't a problem at all. It was a really beautiful space and I loved it.

              I'll see if I can send you a pm with the pics.

              1. re: blueberries4me

                I'm so glad to hear that Todmorden was a nice location for you. We are checking it out this weekend and are hoping it'll be good for our planned Sept 2011 wedding for 100 guests. Blueberries, did you find there was enough space to have a dancing area in the galleries?

                I also was looking at Noble and happy to see your positive review. Did they take care of having a bar for you as well?

                1. re: Circle23

                  I'm so sorry for the late reply! We had about 50 guests but for 100 I'm not sure if you could have a decent dance floor since the layout is kind of long and narrow at Todmordens.

                  We stocked our own bar (to save money) but they can definitely do a bar for you as well. They took care of the the special occasions permit and only charged us the cost of the SOP which was $25. I still get rave reviews from my guests who told me that the bartender remembered their drinks and made sure that the families of the bride and groom always had their glasses filled. Then to top it off, we lived pretty close to Todmorden so we didn't hire a limo. We were just going to call a taxi at the end of the night but Tina from Noble made sure we had a ride home from one of their staff. They took care of everything for us. I really could go on and on about their service and food.

                  Photos below are courtesy of LIndsie Grey

                  1. re: blueberries4me

                    Hi blueberries4me,

                    I'm planning my wedding and seriously considering Todmorden for location - and now, Noble for catering based on your review. Would you be open to chatting with me at all about your experience, as it seems you did for your wedding what I imagine for mine? Thanks...

                    1. re: jamsie

                      Noble is the best. And I've used a lot of different catering companies.

                      1. re: jamsie

                        Hi Jamsie, I would love to help! I'm not sure how I can reach you though since this board doesn't offer pming. I'll make sure to check this board more often if you have any questions!

                      2. re: blueberries4me

                        Thanks blueberries4me! You gave me a great place to start for my Sept 2011 wedding. We have about 50 people and live on the Danforth. Honestly never thought of that venue but your pics and reviews have convinced me! Thanks again!

                        1. re: specialdiablo

                          You're welcome! When I was considering Todmorden's I scoured the internet for information and could not find anything at all so I'm glad to help anyway I can :)

                          1. re: blueberries4me

                            I'm considering Todmorden too and would love any more details that the two of you have on both the venue and the food you brought in and how you enjoyed the event. Is there space for a ceremony and reception? What was costing like? We're aiming for 80-100 and definitely with a dance floor, so I wonder if the space might be an issue.... Any feedback you have would be amazing! Pics are great too! Thanks!

                            1. re: blueberries4me

                              Hi @blueberries4me - very interested in Todmordens. Could you advise on pricing? Their site now says they can accommodate 120 guests.

            2. Two places to stay away from if one is a serious foodie are - Eglington Grand and Pantages Hotel,downtown. I believe there had been enough negative write-ups on this board about the ' not fit for foodie consumption' food of the Eglington Grand. So I'll move on.

              As for the latter ( Pantages hotel - a 4* hotel??!! ), I just attended a wedding party there yesterday. Initial impression was positive but then.......???!!

              The meal started off with a pretty decent Cream corn chowder with shredded pork cheeks. The salad that followed was passable as well. Crunchy crusted goat cheese ( though very greasy ) to go along with, friscee greens, pinenuts and a nice lemon mustard vinegrette dressing

              Then came the HORRENDOUS part. Main course was 'The worst steak I have eaten in my life', worse than airline food, worse than......! This piece of way, way, way... overcooked striploin was abused to death by the chefs (???... quality like that could be the result of the steak being cooked by the dish washer instead? ) Resting on a few drops of Cabernet Sauvignon reduction, it was soooooo tough that when people started cutting into their's, the whole table shook!! I was so afraid the table center piece might topple over!! Never in my life have I seen so many left over steaks on plates. Someone should have collected them all and gave them to the dogs in the animal society kennel!!

              As for the fruit and dessert table that followed. The grapes on the platter was mushy and sour. It must took the buyer special effort to locate such sour grapes when every grape on buys in supermarket nowadays are all sweet!!!! Both melons and pineapple were hard and tasteless that they must still be 'green and totally un-ripen. What a joke to serve them to paying guests!!

              Only saving point was a 'to die for Dark Chocolate Mousse cake'. Sooo delicious! Wonder where they got it from?

              If I wasn't in suit and tie, I would have driven to Swatow in China Town for a bowl of noodles on my way home!!

              1. Do you have a venue e.g.residential yard, church or club hall etc.? The vast majority of places that can accommodate 120 persons usually restrict catering to their own in-house caterer, and that is how the costs build. If you have a venue where you can bring in a caterer, perhaps you'll let us know. I can refer you to a private caterer who has done wedding events from 30 to 500. This caterer has done every imaginable type of cuisine and is available strictly on private referral ( he does no advertising ) and has catered private affairs in residences in Rosedale, Forest hill, The Kingsway etc. I know that he can work within your budget and give you unique and made to order cuisine. Best wishes !!!

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                1. re: Big Kahuna 1

                  Big Kahuna... I'm arranging a wedding in 2012 for 80 - 90, can you please send me your caterer's information? Many thanks!

                2. The original comment has been removed