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Jul 25, 2010 06:09 PM

Does the Butcher Shop (SE) still do retail meat sales?

and if so, can anyone comment on the quality, variety, availability and general cost? Right at the peak if bbq and grilling season, I'd like to up the ante with some special, heirloom / organic / special meats. Thanks.

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  1. They do still sell retail meats and also have a "meat csa" kind of program. I have not bought anything from them retail in a long time so I cant comment on quality or prices, just that I am certain they still sell retail.

    1. They have terrific meats and the butcher will cut and trim them exactly to your specifications. He will also recommend cuts less familiar to the Boston scene. The chicken and eggs also very fresh there.

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        How does pricing compare to Don Otto's across the street (if you're familiar with it). I'm put off by the prices. I'd love to avoid schlepping across town to go to WF or Savenor's, and of course it hadn't even occurred to us that we could go to the Butcher Shop as needed. We're not big meat eaters but do like good pork, whole chicken, the occasional steak.