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Jul 25, 2010 05:26 PM

Have any of you been to the two new restaurants in Cohasset, AVA Cucina or Constantine's Mediteranean?

We don't often get two new restaurants in our area, have been out of town and wondering how they are.

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  1. Went to Ava over the weekend. It was good. Seems like more than a few of the neighbors want to give them a shot. We had two pasta dishes that were competant to very good. They are not throwing the long ball here. but I'll definitely be back. Service was good food was good nice atmosphere. Its not Bia- but I don't think they are trying to be.

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      I'm curious, did they changed the interior? The layout of Bernard's felt cramped and the bar was way way too small. There was a time when Bernard's food was pretty good so I overlooked the obvious inconveniences (walk thru kitchen to get to bathroom,,,,,,) but I'm hoping they changed a few things around.

      1. re: T.Clark

        I sucessfully avoided Bernards- so I dont know if there was any change- but I'm guessing not- It certainly feels like your dining in the bubble at Denny's.. But- options are few in Town and the food is- pretty good. I'd go back-