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Jul 25, 2010 05:15 PM

New Hot Dog Joint in South Gate

P Dogs
13610 South Garfield Ave.
South Gate, Ca.

1_562_630_PDOG (7364)

In the old Hollydale area.

I was taking my usual sunday cruise down Garfield Ave. headed towards Long Beach for the last month and noticed this new stand pop up, so toady I decided to stop in and give it a try.

The owners name is Alex a cool guy to talk to. We discussed various hot dog joints around L.A. and he told me his story on why he decided to start his own stand. I asked him about his chili dog and he told me it's his own take, a very unique take. I would say he's added an extra dimension to the chili dog.

First off it's NOT your classic chili dog. The dog is a quarter pound skinless dog split and grilled for you fresh. The bun is one of the larger sesame seed buns you find on most specialty dogs. That's what this chili dog is really - a SPECIALTY dog. The cheese is 3 types shredded and layered on top of the chili.

I think I've tasted the dog before from a stand that used to be in East Los Angeles before the Metro line moved in. It was near the corner of 3rd and Arizona, too bad I can't remember the name.


The Chili is not your typical gravy type chili you find at other places like Pinks, Larry's, or Chronies. The chili consist of pulled (shredded) beef in a seasoned yet light au juis. On top of the dog the chili adds a dimension that I've never tasted on a chili dog before. The chili meat is moist and flaky and doesn't break apart the bun with it's juices.

This stand has been open for around 1 month, the menu includes Dodger dogs, bacon wrapped dogs (the T.J. dog) included in a full menu. I believe this stand is going to get another couple visits in the next few Sundays by me so I can further dwell into the menu.
I understand from talking to the owner Alex that he's looking into finding a source that can provide an old fashion dog with its skin on. Hopefully sooner than later.

I would definitely recommend a TRY IT for all the chowhounds into hot dogs.

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  1. "I think I've tasted the dog before from a stand that used to be in East Los Angeles before the Metro line moved in. It was near the corner of 3rd and Arizona, too bad I can't remember the name."

    Place was called "Between The Bun". They used a natural casing hot dog they claimed was made for them from Cantella's (same they use at Tommy's and I believe The Stand). Their downfall was the location and trying to sell a $4-$5 chili dog in an area selling $1 tacos.

    Good P Dogs is serving a hefty 1/4 pound dog...but skinless isn't for me. "Shredded" chili sounds interesting though.

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    1. re: monku

      How much is P Dog's chili dog ?

      I feel the Cantella natural casing hot dogs don't have the "crispy" snap like Vienna or Hoffy hot dogs. The Cantella is kind of a "rubbery or limp" snap when you bite into it if that's the right description.

      1. re: monku

        " Between the bun" that's the place ! I remember the owner saying he was going to move out to Chino/ Chino Hills area.
        He quickly boiled the dog for a minute and then finished off on the grill. PDogs grills the dog the WHOLE way, a difference I can taste.

      2. "... he's looking into finding a source that can provide an old fashion dog with its skin on."

        Tell Alex to look no further. Vienna Beef delivers to hot dog stands all over the country. See:

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        1. re: hnsbmg

          I'm sure all hot dog places look at Vienna, but you don't see their logo at all hot dog stands for one reason or another. Couple reasons could be they have to order a minimum amount of product and prices.

          1. re: monku

            You don't see the Vienna Beef logo at Portillo's, monku, but as noted in a thread last year ( ), their dog is, nevertheless, Vienna Beef. The only really good non-V hot dog I've ever had was in Chicago at Superdawg, which has theirs made to spec.

            1. re: hnsbmg

              Been to Portillo's and I know they serve Vienna. The Vienna name logo is on their famous "The Original Dog House" and I'm sure seen "Vienna" somewhere in the restaurant.

              1. re: monku

                Hey, you're right, monku -- I've never spotted that. And it looks like it was drawn by Krazy Kat! You must have incredible vision, because that little menu image is unreadable (to me, anyway) at less than double-size. The next time I'm in the restaurant, I'll take my Sherlock Holmes magnifier and look for it.

                I wonder why neither Portillo's nor Vienna Beef was willing to say, in answer to a direct question, that they DO make the connection explicit? Actually, though, the menu seems to be the only place it appears. I can't find the word "Vienna" anywhere else on the Portillo's Web site -- see: . Of course, I await your sharp inspection before making a final determination. ;-)

                1. re: hnsbmg

                  Went to Portillo's today and looked high and low for the Vienna logo. The Vienna connection was mentioned in some of the news articles on the wall and again on the "The Original Dog House" picture and printed to-go menus, but almost obscured if you didn't know it was there.
                  Finally I asked someone behind the counter if they used Vienna hot dogs and the person confirmed it and I asked why it isn't advertised and he pointed to a neon sign on the patio window. I mentioned they should have more signage about their Vienna connection.

        2. Went today on my way from Culver City to Anaheim. Very Good Dog interesting flavors. I noted hints which reminded me of the flavors of Lenuiça that i grew up with back east. The dog is a meal in itself and a chili P-Dog with everything included was wrapped in bacon on top of everything else included in the picture.

          The P-Dog came together real well and was the first chili dog I have eaten that did not have some part land on My shirt which is an accomplishment in itself.

          Fries were way too salty but that is an easy fix for next time..

          Take Care.

          - P.

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          1. re: Mattapoisett in LA

            Thanks for the picture. How much did the Chili Dog cost?

            1. re: Norm Man

              Th P-Dog is the biggest and the priciest on the menu the combo was $7 ish and I think the stand alone 1/4 lb P-dog was $5-ish and they had smaller dogs and sausages plus burgers and chicken on the menu.

              Also here is another pic which Dommy says gives a better angle and shows more stuff.

          2. Place Link for P Dogs

            P Dogs
            13610 Garfield Ave, South Gate, CA 90280

            1. I just got back from PDogs and had a Dodger Dog Combo which was around 6 and some change. Combo includes your choice of French Fries (crinkle cut) or Macaroni Salad and something else. I ordered the French Fries and a typical Dodger Dog (mustard, ketchup, relish and chopped onions).
              The dog is a Farmer John Dodger Dog GRILLED (not boiled) on a classic white bun. The dog is grilled whole, not split like the larger dog. The first bite reminded my of when I was a kid going to Dodger stadium with my parents. Grilling the dog REALLY brings out all the great flavors.
              The fries where crinkle cut, nice and crunchy not to salty and fresh.
              When you order the Dodger Dog they'll ask you what you want on it, so you can be adventurous if you want.This is the second item I've tried from this stand and it's a winner.
              I think next time I'm definitely trying the PDog!