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Jul 25, 2010 04:54 PM

Cookbook recommendations to encourage a man to cook?

I usually do the cooking in this couple- however, the other half (who has previously shown no interest in cooking at all) has found some success in recent attempts in the kitchen. I think our joining a CSA and my starting a vegetable garden at home has made him more appreciative of ingredients and preparing them correctly.

I'd like to get him a cookbook that will encourage him to explore the kitchen more. I have a substantial collection, but I think he assumes that just because they are mine, they must be difficult. Know of anything with good, solid recipes that are simple but have a huge payoff in terms of flavor and pizzazz? It would be nice if he could do one recipe and send his mom a picture to which she would reply, "YOU made that?"

Skill level: He does 3 things well: grill a steak, make an omelette, and pasta carbonara.


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  1. I love Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything." - humorous, engaging, uncomplicated. Perfect for clueless guys like me.

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      Agree with this totally.

      Also, the Bon Appetit cookbook is great, and I've never made a bad dish out of it.

    2. Get a subscription to Food Network magazine. The recepies are plentiful, easy to make and generally very good. There is a ton of variety and the articles and ideas change with the seasons.