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Jul 25, 2010 03:47 PM

Positano - what not to miss - suggestions please:)

My sister and I will be in Positano for 4 or 5 nights beginning on Sept. 1. I have been to Italy before but never to Amalfi Costeria. So far the only thing that we have planned is to spend the day at Laurito Beach where we will eat & drink at Da Adolfo.

We are not looking for tourist restaurants - we much prefer to dine in great local type places.
I would also like suggestions for places to enjoy nice aperitvo for sunset.

Thank you,


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  1. There are reams of information on this area that you can find on this board with a search. Try searching back 5 years for "Positano" and for "Amalfi Coast."

    Do not expect to find fabulous "undiscovered" restaurants in this area, however. Are you willing to travel to other towns on the bus/ferry or by taxi?

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      Hi Erica,

      Yes, actually we plan on seeing other towns, especially by ferry. We will also have a Vespa for a couple days. One of our days, we will be on Capri for the afternoon. If you have any suggestions for an nice outdoor lunch spot, that would be great.


    2. You can have a wonderful aperitivo at the Marincanto Hotel. They have a gorgeous terrace overlooking all of Positano.

      As for restaurants...

      Da Vincenzo is excellent. Medium prices for Positano.

      Bruno's on Via Cristoforo Colombo
      Simple, easy trattoria food. Cheap (er) for Positano.

      Ristorante Max is (in my humble opinion) the best (creative Italian) restaurant in Positano. Expensive, but justifiably so.

      Hope this helps!

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        We found Max very "New York" style and, although reasonably decent food, not what we would go Italy for.
        To each his own, I guess.
        We liked Buca di Bacco for Sunday lunch. It felt relatively authentic.
        We very much enjoyed lunch at Il San Pietro. We also had dinner here and it was not nearly as good.

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          I would agree that the San Pietro is also a wonderful place (very pay for the view), but they're a bit snobby (they won't even let you walk into the hotel with shorts on).

          To respond to your comment about Max, though, I would hardly call Max's "New York" style. Max is an original, with Mamma in the kitchen overseeing every dish. What restaurants like Max try to do is reinvent traditional Italian cuisine (and this is why so many Italians in Positano go there). Maybe New Yorkers seek to replicate such restaurants because they see this kind of cuisine as more interesting than (or superior to) basic trattoria fare, though I would not call Max's non-traditional. I live in Italy and live with a husband from Salerno who loves to cook :), which means that I am fortunate enough to be able to eat classical Italian food on a daily basis. One of the things one learns (eating at home), is how cheap and easy it is to prepare these dishes. For many Italians, going to a restaurant where the food prepared is inferior to what one prepares at home (and the service is mediocre) is a frustration, especially when the prices are high. At restaurants like Max, at least you know that what you're spending is going towards both excellent service and innovative cuisine.

      2. Oh you'll have a wonderful meal at da adolfo. I second the recommendation for da vincenzo, we had dinner there and it was really delicious. We were at Positano last June and we had a marvelous time. It would also be great to stop by Le Sirenuse for a drink before dinner, the view is spectacular. Eat the buffalo mozzarella everywhere you go, it's wonderful in the south, da adolfo grills them.

        1. The best - not to miss - restaurant in Positano (its actually Montepositano - on the mountain above the town), is La Tagliata on Via Tagliata 22. It is operated by mamma and her 2 sons. One son runs the dinning room which is open and you have a unbelievable view of Positano below, the other is grilling the various meets in the open bit in the dinning room. mamma is in the kitchen. There is no menu. The food of the day just keeps coming to the point you want it to stop. But you really don't want it to stop since its way too good. Right down to the incredible home made - everything is home made - desserts. The wine is in jugs on the table - locally made. And they keep on refilling the 2 wines (white and red) without asking. The price is also incredible - my memory is around 25EU. One caution - the road to get there is the most dangerous we have ever been on, and i've driven some really bad roads worldwide. It is so bad that the hotel, Il San Pietro (one of the best we've every stayed at in the world - warning, prices to match) - the hotel would not let us drive there. They took us in their cart and they picked us up. While I think I could have made it, like Chris Rock says, "I understand". Especially after drinking all that great wine (BTW - the wine is included in the cost of dinner), the dropp off and pickup service is an excellent idea. The restaurant may also offer that service at no cost due to the ordeal to get there. Enjoy.

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            With all the frenzy in Positano; you might also want to take a look at Fred Plotkin's listings of good authentic fare.