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Jul 25, 2010 03:42 PM

I left this on the back seat of the car overnight (by mistake). Is it still safe to eat?

My mother gave me some leftovers in a plastic tupperware dish. It's noodles and gravy and pieces of beef etc. I drove home and got there at around 10pm and forgot and left the container in the car. This morning at 6am I discovered the container on the back seat! Damn! Now, it was cool last night.

I put it in the fridge right away. I was thinking, if it smells ok and tastes ok it should still be ok to eat? Or if I dump it in a pot and bring it to a boil that should make it safe? What do you think? I just hate throwing it away.

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  1. If it was reasonably cool overnight I'd just boil it up for 5 mins or so and eat it myself, but the food safety police would say you shouldn't.

    1. My inclination would be "no, don't eat it." "Cool" is very subjective - what was "cool" for you in mid-July? :-) Either way, it wouldn't have been at a temperature to keep any bacteria from forming (you didn't say whether it was packed hot or warm and never got a chance to cool down in the fridge), and I just think it's better safe than sorry.

      BUT.....I've also read on these various CH boards where people and their parents have kept a big pot of soup or stew on the back of the stove for several days, reheating it as needed, and never had a problem. Their constitutions are obviously better off than mine.

      1. If the leftovers came out of the fridge in a cold state and then you left them on the backseat, I'd say eat it after thorough heating. If the leftovers were still warm from dinner and then had the tupperware lid put on them trapping the heat, II'd toss it. It's not worth it.

        1. The members of Possum Lodge unanimously voted to serve the leftovers w/ Labatt's Blue; will kill anything bad in the stew.
          Red Green Keg.