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Jul 25, 2010 03:24 PM

Port Townsend, WA in October - good eats for a single student?

Greetings from a Chowhound based in Tucson.

Going up to PT to be in a wedding in October. Completely unfamiliar with the region - been to Seattle once five years ago. Looking for seafood/sushi and good breakfasts on a college student budget (no more than $15/plate, hopefully on the healthy side). Will have a car available, and I'm willing to drive. Any must eats?

Also, is it worth staying up there? Or should I just get a hotel in Seattle and do the drive/ferry thing?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you!!

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  1. To answer your last question first, PT is a great destination in its own right so unless you want to do Seattle I recommend you stay in town. Note the ferry/drive option is 2 hours minimum.

    Downtown is the main restaurant area, lots of choices for seafood, wonderful salmon/ oysters/clams and halibut if your budget allows. Sirens is a good fish/burger/salad type place, with outdoor seating (which you probaly won't want in October!), Hudson Point Cafe is great for traditional breakfast and lunch, a more interesting option is Better Living Through Coffee for organic/local/healthy reasonably priced delicious food. Are you coming for B & S's wedding? The owner of BLTC is a friend of theirs. And slices of pizza from Waterfront pizza are the cheapest option.
    Best sushi is from Aldridges Market 'uptown', a five minute walk in the more residential part of the town on the bluff

    Hudson Point Cafe
    130 Hudson St, Port Townsend, WA 98368

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      I am not going to be at B & S's wedding, I'm a bridesmaid for another (probably the same weekend, ha). I asked about Seattle because I'm obviously flying into Seattle (no flights from Tucson to Port Townsend, haha).

      Are these options under $15 a plate? I found info for Better Living and Sirens, looks like good places, but not much seafood.

      Is the weather really that undesirable in October? I might have to chew the bride out then (she picked short, sleeveless dresses).

      Thanks again.

      1. re: missvenuz

        Yes, the options I mentioned are under $15, which at Better Living Through Coffee is for the best wild coho. Oysters at Hudson Point cafe are about $12 served with a little salad. Other seafood will quickly push above $20.
        If you are in town for Saturday morning farmers market (9am-2pm), there are lots of cheaper plates, fish tacos, salmon (wild coho) sandwiches, fish cakes, fish chowder and local oysters and clams.
        Another cheap lunchtime seafood option that I've remembered is fish tacos either at Key City fish in the Boat Haven or Bub's tacos, a truck on the corner of Kearney and Blaine, think they are both only open M-F though.
        October weather? Shoulder season, might still be very fine 60 degree+ sunny days or.........

        Better Living Through Coffee
        100 Tyler St, Port Townsend, WA 98368

    2. Since you have a car, Chimacum Cafe about 10 mi south of PT will fit your budget. Their pies are renowned and the venue is a classic. In addition to the PT farmers market, Chimacum has a market Sunday from 10-2 with fresh seafood specialties (cooked and ready to eat).

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      1. re: etoiledunord

        Thanks about the farmers market info, but the wedding is Sunday, so in all likelihood, I won't be able to go. I'll look into Chimacum Cafe, though. Thank you!

      2. MissV, Port Townsend is home to Das Okies Barbeque--truly some of the best in the Pacific Northwest. The owner trained under legendary Ken Beasly and has re-created his sauce. Das Okie's is on the west end of town at 2310 Washington St. (Off the main drag one block.) Great ribs.