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Jul 25, 2010 02:46 PM

DeLonghi GM6000 Gelato Maker

Can someone tell me what store in the Lower Mainland I can find this machine? I don't want to order it online or buy a used one.


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  1. I got mine at William Sonoma in Calgary to save on the PST when I was driving through last month.

    Give the Vancouver Store a call and see if they have it.

    It has been great so far for a dozen or so batches and I have done a couple back to back, if anything the second batch is done faster because the machine is already cool.

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      Hello, I just bought a Delonghi Gelato Maker and I am having some trouble with. The other day, I tried making a batch of ice cream and the machine took more than 1 hour to get it about 85% done. I measured the temperature of the bowl (it gets to -15, -16 Celsius), called the manufacturer, who said those were the normal temperatures. If possible, could you please send an ice cream recipe you have done and how long it took so I can test it over, and if there are any steps you take before you place it in the machine (like turning on the refrigerating function for a few minutes, quantity of recipe, etc)?
      ANy help would be greatly appreciated. I really don't want to return the machine, I live very far from the store where it was originally bought. But I also don't want to be stuck with a lemon.


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        You may get some responses in the Home Cooking board:

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          I haven't had any trouble with it. It usually takes about 25 minutes for soft serve texture and longer to firm up a bit. I usually let it go about 30-35 and throw the ice cream in the freezer to get really firm.

          I don't pre-cool the machine but I do make sure the ice cream mixture has chilled for at six hours in the fridge. The batches I do are pretty small -- 600-700 ml.

          I've done an number of recipes from David Lebovitz's The Prefect Scoop. I made his Philadelphia-style vanilla by making one and half of the recipes and then freezing it two batches. I did the Chocolate Peanut Butter ice cream in one batch last night (it took about 35 minutes to freeze).

          Good luck