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Jul 25, 2010 01:30 PM

Taiim Falafel Shack - Hastings

Looks like they just opened where the original Comfort used to be. I haven't had a chance to try it but anyone else? Falafel in Westchester!!

Here's their website:

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    1. re: i_eat_a_lot_of_ice_cream

      same group as Taim in nyc?? thx

      222 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014

      1. re: intrepid

        I'll ask when I go but this one as 2 "i" in the name.

        1. re: intrepid

          OK just got back. It's not related to the one in the city. It's Taiim with 2 "i"s which the owner said is the correct spelling. Falafel and kefka kabab were very good. The owner live in town. I'm very happy I have easy access to good Middle Eastern food!!

      2. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh . are the rivertowns finally getting "with it" . please... no 20.00 falafel?
        this is so cool!

        1. Tried it last week. Place was VERY crowded and a bit disorganized but the food was excellent. Falafel, babaganush and hummis were all delicious. Three vegetarian dishes for $10 turned out to be a good value. Will definitely return to sample the chicken kabab and swarma. Definitely try the baklava! Next time I will visit during an off hour.

          1. i am so excited to try this place. Wish we had one up in noprthern Westchester

            1. I was very excited to try Taiim, given the lack of straightforward takeout options in the area. I finally went on Friday evening. I think the place has a lot of potential, but there are still some kinks to be worked out.

              1. Décor: The interior is really warm and inviting with several tables and large windows thrown open in nice weather.

              2. Service: Despite five people behind the counter, it seems like the staff are still getting into the groove as there was a bit of confusion and miscommunication, resulting in them having to sort out some incorrect orders.

              3. Food: Although there were a few people (and call in orders) ahead of me, my wait was brief, but that appears because the main ingredients, including the lamb and falafel, were pre- or par-cooked. Perhaps it was to prep for the dinner rush, but I’d rather wait for fresh falafel. The lamb was surprisingly tender but unappetizing looking (it had been de-kebabed, reheated with some sort of glaze and thrown into container with ho-hum fries I paid extra for). The hummus and chopped salad were tasty (although pitted olives were included in the salad, which I thought was odd), and the pickled vegetables a nice touch. I particularly liked Taiim’s tahini but the pita that came with the platter was completely blah – mass produced and dry. Hopefully they can find a better pita supplier soon.

              4. Value: Other than the surcharge for fries, prices seem pretty reasonable. I will definitely try Taiim again.

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              1. re: ams54

                I've been there twice for takeout, not tried any meat yet, but enjoyed falafel, baba g, salads, sides were quite good. But totally agree with AMS54 re the pita- a real letdown. I'll order platters from now on.

                1. re: DaleW

                  My big question always.. Is it a pita pocket or the roll type? I find myself disappointed with the roll generally. But maybe I just never had a good one.

                  1. re: jcmods

                    Hmmm now that you mention it... the pita is rolled so it makes a mes. They can definitely open it like a pocket because that's what I do when I order a platter.