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Taiim Falafel Shack - Hastings

Looks like they just opened where the original Comfort used to be. I haven't had a chance to try it but anyone else? Falafel in Westchester!!

Here's their website: http://taiimfalafelshack.com/

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      same group as Taim in nyc?? thx

      222 Waverly Place, New York, NY 10014

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        I'll ask when I go but this one as 2 "i" in the name.

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          OK just got back. It's not related to the one in the city. It's Taiim with 2 "i"s which the owner said is the correct spelling. Falafel and kefka kabab were very good. The owner live in town. I'm very happy I have easy access to good Middle Eastern food!!

      2. aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh . are the rivertowns finally getting "with it" . please... no 20.00 falafel?
        this is so cool!

        1. Tried it last week. Place was VERY crowded and a bit disorganized but the food was excellent. Falafel, babaganush and hummis were all delicious. Three vegetarian dishes for $10 turned out to be a good value. Will definitely return to sample the chicken kabab and swarma. Definitely try the baklava! Next time I will visit during an off hour.

          1. i am so excited to try this place. Wish we had one up in noprthern Westchester

            1. I was very excited to try Taiim, given the lack of straightforward takeout options in the area. I finally went on Friday evening. I think the place has a lot of potential, but there are still some kinks to be worked out.

              1. Décor: The interior is really warm and inviting with several tables and large windows thrown open in nice weather.

              2. Service: Despite five people behind the counter, it seems like the staff are still getting into the groove as there was a bit of confusion and miscommunication, resulting in them having to sort out some incorrect orders.

              3. Food: Although there were a few people (and call in orders) ahead of me, my wait was brief, but that appears because the main ingredients, including the lamb and falafel, were pre- or par-cooked. Perhaps it was to prep for the dinner rush, but I’d rather wait for fresh falafel. The lamb was surprisingly tender but unappetizing looking (it had been de-kebabed, reheated with some sort of glaze and thrown into container with ho-hum fries I paid extra for). The hummus and chopped salad were tasty (although pitted olives were included in the salad, which I thought was odd), and the pickled vegetables a nice touch. I particularly liked Taiim’s tahini but the pita that came with the platter was completely blah – mass produced and dry. Hopefully they can find a better pita supplier soon.

              4. Value: Other than the surcharge for fries, prices seem pretty reasonable. I will definitely try Taiim again.

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                I've been there twice for takeout, not tried any meat yet, but enjoyed falafel, baba g, salads, sides were quite good. But totally agree with AMS54 re the pita- a real letdown. I'll order platters from now on.

                1. re: DaleW

                  My big question always.. Is it a pita pocket or the roll type? I find myself disappointed with the roll generally. But maybe I just never had a good one.

                  1. re: jcmods

                    Hmmm now that you mention it... the pita is rolled so it makes a mes. They can definitely open it like a pocket because that's what I do when I order a platter.

              2. I went back for the chicken shawarma yesterday. While it could've been larger, it was very tasty. Chicken was moist with a squirt of garlicky tahini. At $7.25 it's comparable to what's available in the city.

                1. Yesterday we walked past and asked for a menu. They told us to go online and gave us the website. We did that, and clicked on menu. We called and ordered. When we got to the place, everything was $2.00 higher than on the menu. The server said that the menu on-line was old. I called the owner and he said they were not using the menu online, even though his staff had directed us to use it. He offered no apology and did not offer us our money back although he clearly had raised the rates. He said he bore no responsibility. I thought the falaful was pretty awful anyway. Mamoun's is still the best.

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                    Mamoun? Are you kidding?! Just because it's cheap don't make it good. It's also 20 miles away.

                  2. has anyone ever had tabouli that is all scallions? the table next to me and, i both ordered tabouli and asked to have it redone with parsley. the chef was furious and i think didn't have parsley in stock. what returned was an angry chef, rudely giving us tomato tabouli with parsley garnish.
                    Pita bread dry and stale. falafel delicious and babaganoush yummy.
                    What's up with the angry unprofessional chef? He seemed to be arguing excessively with the lovely waitress as well.

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                    1. re: yeshana

                      And whats up with the prices not matchng the online menu. Seems kind of inexcusable for a place that has only been open a month. I would get it if the web site had been up for years....and then they fix it right away.

                      1. re: jcmods

                        What ? Having absolutely loved my chicken shawarma sandwich and babaganush salad earlier today at Taiim and having read the post of jcmods, I checked the website and clicked under "menu". The online prices are identical to the menu prices at the restaurant. Enjoy the food and "take-it-easy".

                      2. re: yeshana

                        While I am not sure about your tabouli experience, I tried various salads and other dishes at Taiim and loved it very much. As to the chef, I actually asked him how long he was cooking middle-eastern food and was told that it has been for over 35 years. Having frequented this place several times, the middle-eastern chef can appear to be rather "demanding". However, I honestly believe that his sometimes "gruff" appearance represents the fact that he actually cares deeply about the food that he prepares and cooks. Overall, Taiim is a wonderful addition to our area of residence and work. Keep up the great food.

                        1. re: marcelprost

                          was your tabouli a scallion salad? If I had eaten that, no one would have gotten less than 6 ft away from me and survived my odor!

                          1. re: yeshana

                            Actually, the Tabouli that I had at Taiim was not overpowered by scallions. It had a nice mix of parsley, tomatoes, scallions and cracked wheat, and I enjoyed it very much. Give it another chance, or try a different dish.

                        1. re: pabboy

                          Went over the weekend (prior to the Times review). I think Turkish Meze in WP & Mamaroneck does a better job in terms of authenticity. But this place is an okay alternative to, say, grabbing a slice of pizza. The hummus wasn't the best I ever had, but I liked the tehini. The shepard's salad was just "eh" but I liked the pickles & olives served with the platter. The spinach & feta triangle I had was nothing to write home about, could barely taste the feta.

                          Next to our table was a couple of elderly couples that kept sending things back and demanding special preparation (which is fine, but they could have at least said "please" now and nthen). The server was very gracious under fire.

                          Agree about the lack of quality with the pitas.

                          Turkish Meze
                          409 Mount Pleasant Ave, Mamaroneck, NY 10543

                          1. re: Dim Sum Diva

                            Just had what I thought was a really good Falafel in Eastchester (33 Mill Road). Had no idea it existed until I stumbled across a review on Yelp (which told nothing of the falafel since they also serve burgers and things). It was a very pleasant surprise. If anyone has tried both I would be interested to hear the reaction. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/7371...